Life is a marathon

The race of life is a marathon not a sprint, train for endurance, not speed.   How true is that quote?  I don’t know where it comes from.  Right now I’m going through some life marathons.  One is unwilling run.  I’m getting involved in some town politics because I can’t help but not.  I feel…Read more »

Finding my tribe

Looking around at the 50 or so people gathered to celebrate.  There was a happy, expectant vibe in the room.  As each guest speaker had their turn the people nodded, clapped; it was like they were acknowledging joint goals and the communal aura was one of approval. I approved.  I was happy to be celebrating. …Read more »

In the pink

It’s been a few years since I’ve run the annual Women’s 5km in Launceston.  This weekend Janette and I along with 2000 other women (and a few men too) dressed up in our pink running gear and ran 5kms.  It was nearly 20°C – the weather was warm and the atmosphere was warm and friendly…Read more »

A Quacker Day Out

Sunday was a Quacker Day Out.  Launceston Marathon – two quacked ducks ran yet another marathon.  But before I tell you about that let me tell you how my running is going. I’m plugging along.  Following my plan.  Getting out there.  Ticking off the training day by day.  I’m coming to the end of week…Read more »

The end of the season

The Launceston Running Club 2019 season is over.  There is one more run this Saturday but I can’t get to it.  Bit disappointing really but that’s life.  I have a work thing to go to. Working on a Saturday is rare – I can’t remember the last time I worked on a weekend.  It would’ve…Read more »

The Quacker Code

The Quackers have a Code.  The Code decrees that anything said immediately after a run is not gospel and that a Quacker shouldn’t be held to anything they say at the time.  A Quacker is allowed to change their mind.  Here’s what two Quackers had to say after The Rail Trail Run and Ride event…Read more »