The Quacker Code

The Quackers have a Code.  The Code decrees that anything said immediately after a run is not gospel and that a Quacker shouldn’t be held to anything they say at the time.  A Quacker is allowed to change their mind.  Here’s what two Quackers had to say after The Rail Trail Run and Ride event…Read more »

Time travel?

Do you ever wish you could time travel?  I don’t really.  But just sometimes I would like to go back to the 2010 me and say a simple and heart-felt thank you. Thank  you younger me for deciding to persevere with this running thing.  You don’t know it but running will introduce you to people…Read more »

That person on the plane

Yesterday I was that person on the plane.  The one coughing and spluttering, sniffing and popping pills, sipping water and generally looking like the least favourite person to share a plane trip with.  Sorry fellow passengers.  Very sorry.  I hope that the germs didn’t get you. We are back from a week long stay on…Read more »

A White Hills weekend

The Launceston Running Club loves hills.  Most runs in the 20 event season feature massive inclines with corresponding declines.  Yesterday was White Hills, a 9.75km handicap event.  The hills are challenging enough but throw in some wild weather and the run became a non-stop argument between mind and body, one saying STOP and other saying…Read more »

Hillwood hills again

There isn’t much more I can say about The Launceston Running Club’s Hillwood 10km handicap race that I haven’t said in previous years. What I can say is that we keeping coming back to plod/shuffle/chip/zoom/sprint around that wonderfully hilly course year after year. We must like it. With views of the Tamar River, orchards, bush…Read more »

A winning Sunday

Ah the marathon.  No matter how many times I lace up and anxiously step over the start line of a 42.2km event, the anxious expectancy is always there.  Will I make it? Last weekend was no different; the butterflies were fluttering.  Some of us, however, are getting a bit laid back about these events.  Just…Read more »