Why I hated running and sport

I suck at sport.  I don’t get the rules, I’m uncoordinated, I’m not fast… I’m hopless at sport.  I didn’t fit in with the sporty crowd at all.  I could swim, I made the swimming team throughout high school.  But running and athletics… they just made me feel awkward, stupid and useless.  PE teachers were my worst nightmare.  PE was the worst time at school.  The Athletics Carnival – oh my, something to be feared and avoided.  Why oh why did the teachers make me run in those races?  It was so humilating.

Consequently I really hated running.  Now I’m 47, and you can see from my first two posts.  I can run.  Why?  because I have had a go.  The only person I complete against is myself.  I set achieveable goals for my ability and for the time I have to put into running each week.  If I can, you can.  You might not want to run, but you could at least put 15 minutes a day for a start into a nice brisk walk.  What’s stopping you?

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