A bit more of my running story

Goal setting is always a good thing when learning something new.  For me a big motivation to be able to run was that my husband is a runner.  He is one of those runner who can put on his shoes and run 10kms in a reasonable time even if he hasn’t had a run for months!  So I thought it would be a great thing for us to do together.  Now I can run though, I seem to be out hitting the road an awful lot on my own because my darling husband is terribly busy with the farm. That’s ok.  I go and keep training to keep my fitness increasing.  He comes with me when he can but has to slow down to my pace.  In the last 14 months we’ve done three fun runs together.

Now that I know the benefits of running while I really love going with my husband I’m very happy to go on my own.

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