Inspiration to run

There are an awful lot of running blogs out there.  I like to read a few and I really like the motivational images that many have.  They could be seen as a bit dinky and silly, shallow even, but they provide real inspiration to me, like someone is in my head and knows how much I want to run but also how hard it is to really get out there sometimes.  They seem to understand that achieving and completing a run is a total high but sometimes lacing up the shoes can be a challenge.  Today even though we are at the end of the first month of Spring there is snow to the 400m mark.  I’ve been up early to feed calves and I’m about to go out and help with general duties on the farm.  I have been known to run in the rain, wind and sleet but I don’t think I will go today.  My last run was a 5.9km run on Thursday and with moving an incredible amount of mulch this week and two boot camps I’m a bit stiff and sor.  So tomorrow, 6kms.  I’m going to start increasing my distance slightly and hope to be up to weekly 10km runs by end of November.  My running dream is the Point to Pinnacle the year I turn 50 (26 months away).

This week I’ve entered my husband and I in the Swisse Mark Webber Adventure Run (6.5kms) and the Run For Your Heart fun run (5kms).  Tomorrow week is the Run for a Wish fun run (6.4kms).  I just hope that nothing happens on the farm so that we can get to all these runs.  It’s not easy to be able to get off farm to do anything at the moment.

So I’m feeling inspired but realistic today – no run on a Saturday, just a heap of work around the house and farm then a run tomorrow.

I really like the below quote, beating other people just isn’t why I run at all but I really get the last part – it hits the spot today.

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