Just a run

Just back from my usual 6km run.  I love running in the country.  In all I saw three cars which is somewhat of a traffic jam around here.  The only sounds are the plod of running shoes on unsealed road, the wind, the odd bird noise and of course a few moos.  It’s peaceful.  Today there is snow on the surrounding mountain range, so it was clear and cool and crisp – it felt really good.

I thought about something I read recently which talked about running with Stamina, Speed and Strength.  But when all of these are used up, run with Spirit.

I don’t run far enough or fast enough to ever really run out of the first three S’s but a half marathon is something I would like to achieve.  So as the run goes on I picture running for longer and longer.  Time will tell if I reach my goal.  For this unsporty women though running 6kms as easily as I did today was so unachievable when I first started that a half marathon… well… why not?

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