Running the Domain

Husband’s first full day off since July was last Saturday.  Still a bit heavy with the virus we decided to take the opportunity of being in Hobart to run the Swisse Mark Webber Adventure Run course.  I was expecting a lot of hills and undulation but apart from a bit of up at the beginning it was basically just a lovely bushy track.  I’m not sure what time we did it, I didn’t push myself at all but just really enjoyed the run. 

Unlike the event coming up in December, there was hardly a soul out there.  It was peaceful, calm and just pleasant.

This week has been a right off.  Husband injured his back so apart from my normal 9am to 5pm job I’ve been feeding calves morning and night and doing a few other bits and pieces on the farm.  That Tuesday night run I’ve been promising myself is still elusive.  Oh well.

On Monday night at Boot Camp we did the beep test.  Strangely enough I’ve never done this before.  One of my fellow boot campers explained the concept and said she had got to level 12 last year… so I thought, ok level 12 I’m sure I can do that.  Level 12 came and I was feeling really good until I remembered I only wanted to get to level 12.  The head got in the way so I finished at 12.3 – not a bad effort I’m told.  I’m going to really give my brain a talking to and tell it to shut up and let my legs control proceeding next time 🙂

This Saturday is the Run for a Wish Fun Run which is 6.4km run.  I don’t think Husband will be doing this due to his back, but I’m looking forward to puttering along and joining in.  It’s not about the time, it’s about having a go, running all the way and finishing.

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