Run For a Wish Fun Run

The day started at 5:30am, more pain killers for Husband whose back seems to be getting worse but that is another story.  Then up to the dairy at 6am to get the new mummies in to be milked, move the remaining expectant mummies to another paddock, back down to the calf shed to feed some babies, home, breaky, change and zoom into Launceston for the run.

I was quite broken-hearted.  One of the main reasons I preserved with running at the beginning was to have something off the farm that Husband and I could do together.  I wanted to stay home and help him but he was insistant that I go (thinks I would be too crabby if I didn’t go – humph).

The great thing about running in fun runs that raise money for a good cause is that even if you can’t run on the day the money is still a good spend.  While I was being a larry loner (not good in crowds, not good in crowds of good, real runner types unlike me the unsporty woman who runs)…anyway while sitting on my own I looked around and noticed a lot of people of varying age, size and sorry to say this but fitness level.  Why were they there?  Obviously it wasn’t for a run.  It was to raise money for a great cause.  I only know one family who have had a Wish granted by the Make A Wish people.  But I remember this family and the tragedy of seeing their beloved blondie locks suffer with a brain tumour.  I remember that her wish was to swim with the dolphins in Queensland.  The Make A Wish people made this happen for her and her whole family before she died, rest in peace little blondie.  It just makes me feel so grateful for my family’s and my own health and wellbeing, even though Husband is not a very happy or comfortable mortal right now.

So I decided then and there that today would be my own race, I wasn’t going to be broken-hearted because Husband wasn’t there.  I wasn’t sad, nervous or anxious anymore, it was just going to be a run of one –  me!  I had a lovely time, it is a really nice track, no cars or anything and the volunteers along the way clapped and encouraged.  There was I have a fun old time having a relaxing run and there they were volunteering and giving their time to make the event happen.  According to the FaceBook site the event raised $22,500.  That is so cool.  And testament to a great mob of volunteers putting their time where their heart is.

I had lots of energy in the tank at the end so decided to quicken the pace back into the stadium.  Sometimes I wonder if this makes me look really silly or like a try hard 🙂  Perhaps it does.  Oh dear.  Well I sprinted (my version, that’s faster running speed that usual) around to the end.

The 6.4kms was done in 36:19 minutes and the placing was 109 out of 409.  HOWEVER not all were running, some were walking and pushing prams and all sorts, so the placing isn’t very relevant and I really wasn’t running for a place 🙂

So thanks Run for a Wish mob, today was great.  Thanks for the opportunity to give a bit of cash to something very worthwhile and still have a great run.

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