I’m told that having the correct running shoes is very important for running and also having good socks is important too.  To a non-runner like I was this made no sense.

Husband bought me my first pair of running shoes.  He suggested a brand and a style, took me to a sports shop and made me try them on.  Gasp – they were lots of dollars.  He said it would be worth it.  The person in the shop says ‘what sort of running do you do?’ At that stage I was running 1.2kms from our house to our letter box and nearly dying, so I just mumbled something like ‘a little bit’.  A few months ago I finally plucked up the courage to go and buy a new pair (the first pair were good, but nearly worn out).  I had walked by a fancy boutique style running shop in Launceston several times.  I’d even had to go in there to pick up a bib for a fun run last year.  I felt like I shouldn’t be there with all the really lightweight running shoes and streamlined professional looking running clothes.  Well I went in.  The man in the shop was very nice and welcoming and asked me to run on a treadmill.  RUN ON A TREADMILL that is in the FRONT WINDOW of the shop so that ANYONE could see me????  ‘Yes’ I said meekly, and took off my fancy leopard print pumps, rolled up my pants and ran on the treadmill obediently.

My running and posture and all that stuff was analysed and ta da…. a pair of running shoes that fit like a glove and are so comfortable were produced.  They were not pink.  Pink is my favourite colour but apparently colour has nothing to do with running.  I hope that next time I can have a pink pair 🙂

For this unsporty woman who runs I now had a fabulous pair of running shoes that I feel really great in.  I also know from experience that having the correct shoe really helps with running in amazing ways. I thoroughly recommend going somewhere where you can get some good advice from someone who cares.  Go the Running Company Launceston.  And blue is not too bad a colour.

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