Running with Cows?

Motivation is a key ingredient to running.  Motivation I have in bucket loads.  Husband thinks I’m ever so slightly OCD.  Enthusiasm is what I call it.  I don’t need running clubs, I don’t need running buddies – I need running shoes and two legs to make me run.  It takes all sorts to make the world go around and this is the sort that I am – motivated, dedicated and let’s face it anal about my goals.  The main reason I started this blog is because everyone around me glazes over with boredom when I start to talk about the romance of running 🙂

This weekend, yes this weekend I’m finally going to do my first 10km training run.  My paid job is Monday to Thursday – I have the delightful joy and challenge of unlocking reading, writing and maths for adults who didn’t get it at school.  Friday to Sunday is the weekend for me which is frequently taken up with assisting Husband on the farm, but that’s ok, that’s what a wife does.  Well, except for this Friday, this Friday in Tasmania was the first 26TEN day (  So I had to work until 1pm.  But that was fine.  The weather was not good.  But this weekend, yes this weekend that we are now in the middle of, is my weekend for the 10km training run. So on Friday I went for a run, I had to put on a thermal top because on my way out it was raining and snow clouds were gently wrapped around some of the Great Western Tiers that ring our property.  It was cold.  I checked on the radar to see what the weather was doing, but it was now or never, and well, weather has never got in the way of my running.

I have some new running toys, one is a bum bag, a stretchy black thing that fits my epi-pen and my phone (I’m allergic to Jack Jumper ants – highly annoying), I put this on AND my lovely new running watch.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get the heart monitor to work (the battery might need replacing Husband thinks).  My running watch [love] can tell me all this amazing stuff.  The mode that suits me best tells me how fast I’m going and the length of my run.  So I put on my new toys and off I went.

On the farm it’s very peaceful, but as I went up the drive way the damned plovers were swooping again (wish the heart monitor was working because I’m sure my heart rate would have gone sky high) I do not like plovers at all.  I did the 400m dash through their territory.  Then to the cattle stop, undo the tape, redo the tape (it was milking time) and off I went.  The goal was to do 6kms in preparation for a 10km run on Sunday.  As I was rounding the bend to the 3km return mark the neighbouring farm were moving their cows.  I simply hate having my running goals interrupted.  With my new watch though, I glanced down and realised I would only have to make up 600m.  So I turned around the went back, when I got past plover territory I then kept running up and back an old lane way (about 200m return) until I reached the 6km mark.

My average speed was 10.2kms per hour.  I was quite pleased with that.

There are so many features on this watch!  I bought it last Saturday, tried it for the first time on Wednesday night and again on Friday.  I had to take Husband to Launceston for a CT scan on Wednesday for his back (still not right 😦  ) so I got the nice people at the shop to explain it to me a bit more.  I think I understand the bits I want to understand.  However I get that there is more to it so will explore it when I’m more familiar with the basics.

Tomorrow is 10km day.  I’m going into Deloraine to do this.  I’ve mapped a course that has a nice few hills to give me some variation.  This is all about preparation for the Point to Pinnacle race.   The long-term goal is to do this in 2014, just a couple of days before I turn 50.  I’m keen to get hill runs into my training so that they are normal, not a fear or something new.

So running with cows?  Yes sort of, but then sort of every day seeing as though the start point for almost all my runs is in the middle of a dairy farm 🙂  How lucky am I to have two legs, good health and the motivation to run?  I’m so damned lucky, so very fortunate to be so very blessed.  Have you got two legs and good health?  If you have time what’s stopping you from getting out there and running or walking and looking after your beautiful body, a body that is made to move… or moooooo-ve, run with the cows, run in the park, just run.  Grab a buddy, join a club, do what fits who you are to make it happen 🙂  There is no right or wrong to fitness, there are so many options, find one that reflects you, go for it 🙂

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