“Look at that fit young thing”

Running the last km of my first ever 10km training run I heard the comment “Look at that fit young thing”.  This was made by one little old lady to another little old lady who were enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  They, like me, were taking advantage of the gorgeous path that weaves its way around the Meander River in Deloraine, Tasmania.  There are two foot bridges that cross over and all up the circuit is (according to my running watch) just a shade over 1km.  When this comment was made I was tired.  I’d run predominantly up hills for that last 9kms and my legs were so achy and tired they wanted to stop.  My head and my aerobic fitness were fine though.  I’m so pleased to have completed this short-term goal of running 10kms up and down hills.  I had a little giggle that someone would think of me as a fit “young” thing.  Birthday number 48 is only a few weeks away.  It just shows what running can do for you or perhaps does the little old lady need glasses?

This is the first official training run for the Point to Pinnacle 2014 🙂  Done, dusted, even more motivated than I was before.  There is a long way to go though, but the long-term goal of the P2P is definitely within this unsporty woman’s capability.

I read a great article in the Women’s Running Australia’s FaceBook page entitled Be a Better Hill Runner which had some great tips.  I read the article several times and really tired hard to put the tips into practise.  Particularly I was very mentally aware of my posture.  The time for the run was not great, 1:08:07, fastest speed was 13.0 kms, average speed was 8.8kms.  Some hills saw me down to 6.7kms.  But it isn’t about the time, it isn’t about the speed.  It’s about running all the way and finishing.

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