Running Happiness

Running makes me happy.

Outdoors, away from the usual routine – happy.  Sometimes I’m so puffed and tired that I can’t talk when I’m running.  Well, now I’m much fitter I can talk most of the time, but because I’m running I don’t have to talk.  That’s a happy thing.  Peace, calm and the rhythmic pound of my feet.

In one of my first posts I mentioned that my first attempts at running were using the Wii Fit.  Looking back at that makes me not only happy but I have a giggle at how silly I must have looked.  In Launceston a few Fun Runs that I have done start and finish at Aurora Stadium.  We run around the oval on nicely manicured grass (thud thud thud go our feet).  We run through the tunnel that leads out of the stadium (the thuds take on an echoy sort of tone – thud thud thud).  We run around beautiful Heritage Park (this time thuds with the scratch and scritch of gravel – thud thud thud).  But it is the tunnel that really makes me smile and have a giggle.  It reminds me of all the little Miis on the Wii Fit running around the island and the waterfall and the town and the associated sounds as I run by them.  On my Wii Fit of course are the rest of my family who like to play some of the games.  I have three children mostly grown and gone.  They don’t run.  On the Wii Fit though their Miis run around with my Mii.  Now that makes me giggle.  Husband has a Mii too for when he plays games on the Wii.  He has a beanie on – dairy farmers and beanies go together.  Something else to make me smile.

I am a serious runner.  I run and I have short and long-term goals for my running.  But I don’t forget where I started and how far I’ve managed to get.  This makes me smile.  One day when I do the Point to Pinnacle I shall smile and remember that my first runs were on the Wii Fit – thud thud thud.

On another note Husband and I are just back from the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand.  Husband is a Kiwi.  We go back a few times a year to visit the family.  While we were there we had two runs.  This was Husband’s first runs in over three weeks since injuring his back.  Let’s just say See Husband Run, See Wife Run faster.  He is not up to his usual form so I was able to go a little bit harder than he did.  I used by GPS watch and that was a funny thing.  It took just under 15 minutes to work out where it was and start recording distance and km rate.  But it got there.  A bit like me, I get there.

On Saturday is the first Launceston Park Run.  I shall tell you how that is next time.  Happy Running 🙂

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