Park Run

The first Launceston Park Run was today.  Husband was running late (had to feed calves and farm things first before we could get away) but we got there way ahead of time anyway (he never lets me down).  I got to wear my new pink Adidas running top – this isn’t really relevant but I do believe that looking the part seriously helps with confidence, not essential no, but when I’m feeling not quite right about something knowing that I look ok helps.  So anyway.  What a fabulous day in Launceston!  Yesterday was stormy with lots of rain cells going through, but today – very sunny, light breeze and about 19°C.  Lovely.  92 people turned up for the very first run.  It was good to see a nice mix of ages and physiques.  The run starts at Aurora Stadium and then runs around beautiful Heritage Park.  It was friendly and relaxed.  We were welcomed by the National Manager of Park Run in Australia and the Launceston guy who has done all the hard work to get it here (he’s a volunteer!!!).  The whole ethos of Park Run was explained and then we had an overview of the course before the big ‘GO’ was cried.

Husband made me go up the front.  ummmm I’m not much into being up the front.  I worry that I will get in the way of all the fast people.  It didn’t seem to matter, the fast people all flew by me.  I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job at all.  Breathing fine.  Heart fine.  Legs kept saying ‘please stop, we didn’t agree to run’.  I ignored my legs. It’s so lovely to be at a fitness level now where I know with confidence that I can run 5kms.  I might not run fast, but I can knock it over in a fair to middling time.  There were lots of lovely volunteers out on the track encouraging everyone on – where would this country be without volunteers???

The body achieves what the mind believes

This is one of my favourite motivational quotes.  I said this to myself while pounding along and listening to the amazing combined percussion of my heart beating, my breathing and the sound of my feet  on the track.  I love the rhythm and the way it makes me cruise along.  I don’t think I could ever listen to music while I’m running.  I love music at Boot Camp, but the rhythm of my body when I run sounds pretty cool.  I hope that isn’t sounding a bit conceited.  It’s nothing special, but it’s special to me because I’m an unsporty woman who has blown her own mind by actually being able to run AND enjoy running.  I’m still amazed.

I could have worn my running watch but since this was a timed event I decided to just run and enjoy it without compulsively checking to see what speed I was going.  Sometimes it’s just about running and finishing.  I love the whole Park Run set up.  It’s free to register, everyone gets a unique barcode that is taken to each race (registering only has to be done once, the unique barcode can be used at any Park Run in the world over and over again).  When finished another barcode is given to each participant – the personal barcode is scanned then the place barcode and ‘presto’ in a few hours the results are available on your own little spot on the Park Run web site.  Husband thought my time would be a bit faster than usual.  Since my legs were not being happy I thought I was going way slower.

Personal Best today for 5kms – 26:43!  That is just a shade less than a minute off my last PB.  Wow.  It still isn’t about the time.  It’s about running all the way and finishing.

It was a great day and lovely way to start a Saturday.  Husband and I had coffee and breakfast and then cruised back to the farm.  We are so lucky to be the age that we are still be healthy enough to do something energetic.  Two legs, can run, so we do.

I strongly recommend Park Run to everyone.  Walk, jog, run or a combination of all three, but get moving and look after your body.  Park Run is on every Saturday, we plan to be regulars.


2 thoughts on “Park Run

  1. This caught my eye as I live about 15 miles from Launceston. “Didn’t realise they had a parkrun” I thought. Only, this is Launceston in South West England, not Australia. Oops. ( Still, great post and it’s great to see parkrun being enjoyed around the world. Another example of the internet bringing the world closer together and sharing experiences across huge distances.

  2. Thanks 🙂 The internet sure does close the global distance gaps. The Launceston I’m talking about is in Tasmania but was named after your Launceston. Launceston Park Run is the first one to start in Tasmania, but judging by the enthusiasm I’m sure there will be more.

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