Eating well Running well

Saturday saw Husband and I run in the second Launceston Park Run.  A PB for Husband and about the same as last week for me. It was a bit hard going this week.  While I was running I thought about what I had for dinner the night before.  Husband and I went to a local fund-raiser at a near by school.  Gourmet BBQ was on the flyer.  We had some nice BBQ things and I had a glass of wine.  I really didn’t eat well enough to go for a run the next morning.  I wore my new running watch and while I clocked my fastest speed ever (14.7kms – was probably only for a few seconds), I started to peter out half way through, but then regained speed for the last 1km.  I was three seconds slower than the week before.

There is a lot of information out there about good diets for running.  I am such a beginner runner that I can’t even comment on this.  I do know though when I don’t eat well I don’t run well.  When I don’t eat well generally I don’t live well.  In Australia we are blessed with an abundant choice of fresh fruit and vegetables.  I do my hunting and gathering at the local supermarket and even though I live in a very regional area of Tasmania I can get anything at all at any time.  It could be pineapples from Queensland, grapes from the USA, asparagus from Peru when they are out of season in beautiful Tasmania!  You name it I can buy it be it seasonal or unseasonal.  There is really no reason why I can’t feed my family well.  I’m into Fast Food.  Like many of us my life is filled with lots of activities; I work, run a house, help out on the farm and I have a good exercise program that takes daily commitment.  So Fast Food is the way to go.  All the produce I buy is pre-washed, no dirt or anything, so all I have to do to prepare it is rinse, chop and steam.  Most of the vegetables I buy don’t even really require peeling.  What could be faster than that?  A healthy eating slogan from a few years ago was Two Fruit and Five Veg.  It’s so easy to make this slogan a reality with all the lovely fruit and vegies available.  I would not be popular if I didn’t serve any meat!  Being on a farm we raise our own beef so there is always beef around, to keep everyone happy and interested I buy chicken, fish and other red meat and then just fry it up, steam or use my lovely slow cooker.   A slow cooker is a must for busy people – while it cooks slowly it’s fast to prepare and then is ready to eat when you want it – just turn it on at the right time.  So Fast Food – I’m into it, well this sort of fast food anyway.

Tonight it’s fresh Tasmanian grown vegies – broccoli, carrots, asparagus, sweet potato and some baby potatoes with frozen Tasmanian peas (oh and I did peel the carrots and the sweet potato to keep Son happy)

This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to cook, I do, I’m just realistic about the time I have to put into it during the working week.  My exercise program is more important to me than cooking fancy meals AND Husband and Son (only child out of the three of mine and four of his left at home) prefer my simple Fast Food meals.  Cost can be a factor in what I choose to cook – here in Tasmania, the cost of my Fast Food compared to what might be called Junk Food is way cheaper – I can feed my family for far less than the cost of a pizza or a hamburger and we feel full rather than hungry still.  I can only make comments about this from my own family’s experience.  And that’s not to say that we don’t have the odd pizza, we certainly do, we just have it in moderation and as a treat.

Recently some fellow literacy tutors and I reviewed a number of health web sites to see if they were friendly for beginner readers (they were pretty good from the literacy perspective).  The health messages were so extremely similar on all the sites reviewed.  To prevent illness (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mental health…) and stay well it’s not rocket science:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink water
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink to excess
  • Eat a balanced diet (remember the food pyramid?  follow it)
  • Get your body moving (10,000 steps – get out and do them)
  • Avoid stress (can someone tell me how to do this?  Go for a run on a regular basis might just do it! No psychologist fee required)

So back to the Park Run on Saturday – I just didn’t have enough of the right food in my system to bring out the best in my running or in my enjoyment level.  This was really a very good thing to happen for me – I now know from first hand experience how important it is to plan ahead for a healthy happy run that has maximum enjoyment levels.

I’m finally going to get that mid-week run in tomorrow morning – it’s scheduled, the logistics are planned, now I just have to make it happen.  The Point to Pinnacle was yesterday – this will be me in two years time, it’s my firm will and intention to run this for my 50th Birthday, it’s just going to take some planning, training and dedication, oh and some encouragement from Husband who is my running mentor, best friend and best believer in me and my ability to succeed.

Happy running 🙂

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