Happiness is a run on a cool, misty Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning run achieved.   It was cool, misty and sunny all at the same time.  Beautiful.  Running alone is my favourite way to run – no one is annoyed because I’m going too slow and I don’t get in anyone’s way.  6kms in 36 minutes – not bad.  This was running for pure pleasure and the joy of achieving a personal goal.  I did have to put some planning into it or on a busy  work morning it wouldn’t have happened.  When I hear of people who do this every day I’m in awe!

So yes – goal achieved, another little win in my running story.  Looking back, even though my journey hasn’t been long there are quite a few wins already.

This was a back to basics run – I run to participate, run all the way and finish.  Time is not important. Two legs, can run so I do, we never know when something will happen that we can’t run so we may as well do it while we can AND enjoy it!

Happy running 🙂

    A shadow of me on the road

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