It takes 28 days to make habit?

I was told a long time ago that it takes 28 days to make a habit.  I have totally no idea if this is true or not but it sort of sounds like it might fit.  Well blow me down I went for another morning run last Thursday.  It didn’t take as much logistics as the first run and it was great.

Today is my 48th birthday. 

I really like birthdays.  Not for the presents (although the children gave me some lovely ones and Husband was forbidden to buy me anything, I have enough bling to last several life times and if he buys me anymore I will need a body-guard to leave the house – slight exaggeration but you can see what I mean, he is a wonderfully generous man).  I love birthdays because it means I’ve had another year, another whole 12 months to live my dreams, to support my family and just to enjoy and work through whatever life throws at me.  It means I have been privileged to live and breathe and be me for a whole year more.  I have many things to be grateful for, Australia truly is the lucky country.  Don’t get me wrong the GFC has caused huge issues for dairy farmers in Australia, but Husband and I are still here battling on – yay!  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Running has become a balm to my soul.  It relieves stress, it provides an opportunity to succeed.  It’s a competition between me and me.  Why didn’t someone tell me all about this sooner?  Running has been the biggest journey of self-discovery I have had and I have indeed had some fairly major journeys in my life.

Today, I went for my second Tuesday run.  I had to dodge irrigators and other things.  It was slow, 5kms in 31 minutes but the time is never the objective.  The objective is to get out and run, do the distance and run all the way.

And the most momentous thing for this unsporty woman who runs is that one child has started to run and guess how?  She is running on the Wii Fit which is how I started running.  Will I get a partner in running?  Gosh, who knows?

This Sunday Husband and I are down in Hobart for the Swisse Mark Webber Adventure Run, can’t wait!

Happy running 🙂

~ It doesn’t matter how fast you go as long a you don’t stop ~

My current exercise program now looks like this:

Monday and Wednesday 6am: 2.5km fast walk

Tuesday and Thursday 6am:  5km or 6km run

Monday and Wednesday evening:  1 hour of boot camp

Friday to Sunday:  work on the farm (lots of walking and weight work)

Saturday morning:  5km Park Run

The challenge is to slowly include some longer runs so to get ready for a half marathon mid-2013

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