Swisse Mark Webber Adventure Run

Mark Webber is a racing car driver – that’s about all I know about him apart from the fact that he sponsors this awesome event in Tasmania  called the Mark Webber Challenge.  The Challenge involves running, kayaking, swimming, mountain climbing and other extreme activities over a period of five days in some amazing places in Tasmania.  It attracts elite and enthusiast adventure runners from around the world.  At the end of the Challenge mere mortals like me can participate in an Adventure Run through Hobart’s beautiful domain.

Husband and I after the run, note sweat line on Husband and none on me! His time was 32:05 and mine was 38:11
Wow, it was hot.  This is relative of course.  The temperature for running at home at the moment is about 7°C  at 6am, so running yesterday in 25°C was somewhat of a shock.  What a great event though!  It was fun.  It’s 6.5kms with the first half being up hills of varying inclines along bush tracks of different surfaces and widths (gravel, grass, dirt, paving).  The inclines certainly sorted out the field.  I’ve done quite a bit of hill running lately so I just plodded along.  To start with lots and lots of runners zoomed by me but by the 2km mark I started to pass some who were puffing their lungs out and walking.  The rest of the run consisted of some of these runners zooming by and then me plodding by them when they had to have a little walk to recover.  BUT it was great to see different ages and abilities all having a go, running, walking or a combination – it’s great to see people being active.  The run had a lovely inclusive feel to it.

Running all the way is very important to me.  

I’m a bit wary of pushing myself.  I run in a way so that I can make the distance.  At the end of a run (except for one Park Run recently where I did my 5km PB of 26:43) I have had lots of fuel in the tank.  Husband says I could go faster.  I agree I could.  But in the heat yesterday would that have meant that I might have had to walk?  To me, and I stress this is me and my personal goal, walking is not an option, I’d rather run a bit slower.  I get worried about not making the distance; I get worried about injury.  I’m not a risk taker.  Does this make me a bad runner?  I don’t think so, but it does mean that I’m not a brave runner.  I’m brave enough to have a go though.

I’m an unsporty-running-immigrant, unlike Husband who is a sporty-running-native.

Over the two years that I’ve been running my time has improved.  I’m happy about that.  What’s more exciting though is that each run gets a little easier to decide to do and a bit more fun.

If you get the chance to come and Adventure Run with a famous racing car driver – go for it.  Hobart is a magic place just like the whole of beautiful Tasmania.  Mark Webber is a good runner – he did the run and then high-fived everyone as they went over the finish line – that was cool.  Well not everyone, he didn’t come first but this run isn’t about that, it’s about having some fun.  And since I was slower than Mark Webber, I got a high-five!

Happy Running 🙂

The money raised from the run went to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

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