A relationship with Distance

Today on the farm started with a shroud of mist.  Leaving early to get to Launceston today I watched the mist slowly disappear the closer I got to Deloraine and then onto Launceston.  It was magic in there!  Blue sky, no clouds and warm – 28°C.  Today was my first day of volunteering for the Park Run in Launceston.  I was bit nervous, I’ve never volunteered at a sporting event and while I run I don’t think of running as a sport.  If I do it, it can’t be sport!

Husband wasn’t with me due to work commitments on the farm and I had to leave at 7:15am to be there in time.  I was given my duties.  I had to stand at the 1.5km mark and make sure that all the runners turned right instead of left.  It was between two little chicanes on the track that are essentially there to stop motorbikes hooning through the reserve.  Looking at my watch at 9:02am I estimated that by 9:05am there would be some runners through.  I could hear the sound of feet pounding and sure enough the first very fit men (and one woman) came through, hot on their heels was Husband!  So nice to see him.  He’d made the effort to come and run.  A quick high 5 and he was gone.  I had a ball cheering everyone on.  Gosh there are some runners out there who just having a go should be given a medal.  It’s obviously outside their comfort zone but they keep trying.  It’s was lovely to see some smiles as I encouraged them by.  It was cute to watch one young runner negotiate the chicanes, rather than run around the barriers he did a big dive through, got to his feet and kept running.

After the run I walked around the track,  the other marshalls slowly joined in as we walked back to the start line.  (I guess I could have had a run, but I had to carry quite a bit of stuff – cones, signs that sort of thing, next time I’ll take a backpack).  The other volunteers were very friendly, it was really quite nice to be involved.  And walking towards me just halfway around was Husband, he’d come to meet me – nice.

Husband had done a Park Run PB of 23:28.  This was after being up since 5am, milking the cows, moving irrigators and feeding the calves.  And no breakfast.

It did feel a bit odd not running.  But tomorrow I have a 10km run planned so it was good to have today off.

What is it about running that pushes so many of us unsporty people to try?  Undoubtedly it is the feeling of achievement.  Strip away all the stuff like being healthy and active and the other physical and emotional benefits of running, it truly is about personal achievement.  When everything else is going bad, when failures happen in life and work and relationships my running shoes are there, I can set a goal and go out and make it happen.  A realistic goal, but a goal nonetheless.  It’s about running all the way; going the distance.

Distance will be my goal for 2013.

With my longterm goal of running the Point to Pinnacle for my 50th birthday in 2014, distance and I need to get to know each other much better than we do now.  Tomorrow if I manage my 10km run I will have logged 20kms this week.  So distance and I will be working together, hopefully we will find that we really like each other and are prepared to workout any issues that come between us.  Distance and I have decided that we will do a half-marathon in September 2013 at Ross as a warm up for the P2P in 2014, just to see if we can make it together before  we tackle a mountain.

Happy running 🙂

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