Hot 10km

Getting out of the heat

10kms today – yes I can tick that.  20kms this week – yes I can tick that too.

But it was so hot.  Husband came with me, we started our run at 5:15pm.  We ran around the beautiful Meander River track in Deloraine to start.  As the name of the river suggests, the track meanders around with two foot bridges at either end.  Then up hill we went for 4kms.  Then back down, around the river again and through the most welcoming cool arbour of trees.  Did I say it was hot?  I had a pink running top on and my face matched.  It was 23°C according to the radio when we got back to the car.

Distance and I certainly had a pretty good date, I think we are going to like each other.  Everything went well except that my legs got really tired and hot.  I’m just not that good with the heat.  It wasn’t fast 1:03:46, but my very first 10km run was 1:08:07 so it was a slight improve in the time.  I wanted to stop at the 8km mark but I kept telling myself how good I would feel to finish 10kms and how disappointed I would be if I didn’t.  It worked.  I finished.  Back home for an epsom salts bath – bliss.

My running shoes and I are doing things that a couple of years ago I never thought possible.  Running truly does provide that much needed opportunity to personally achieve.  Bodies were made to move not sit on a couch all weekend.  My joints are a bit sore but I would rather have this than problems caused by inactivity.  If I can do this, honestly anyone can!  I’m the unsporty woman who runs.  To find out how I started running my first posts tell the story of how the Global Corporate Challenge and the Wii Fit all fit together to produce a runner.

Happy running 🙂

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