When everything hurts!

I love running!  But sometimes I don’t think that my body really likes it all that much.

Have a day with me and see what a great advertisement I am for running!  In the morning I get out of bed and gingerly lower my feet to the floor and then slowly straighten up.  Yep, can still walk, albeit sometimes like gorilla woman for the first few steps.  Come to a meeting with me and watch after just 3o minutes, I need to stand and stretch (my body hates sitting still).

Everyday though the body is getting stronger, fitter, more toned.  Everyday I can go a little bit harder, try a little bit more.  But there are things that I do to help relieve the muscle aches and pains.  I’m no expert and I certainly don’t advocate anyone trying anything without doing their own research.

Here is a list of things I do when the OUCH gets too OUCHY:

  • Epsom salts bath – as hot as possible.  I like to soak for about 15 minutes – any longer and I get too bored!
  • Massage and stretching – sometimes indulging in a therapeutic massage from a professional.
  • Wheat pack – heat and apply.
  • Foam roller – the masseuse put me onto this and funnily enough I saw a post about this just after I bought it.  Thanks John.  It does hurt and I can only do a few repetitions but it does seem to help.
  • Going for a walk – sometimes this is enough to settle everything (good posture is a must).
  • Keep moving – The Heart Foundation has a great list of things for people who don’t move around much at work.

But the best thing has been the Osteopath.  Before regular appointments with E, I couldn’t run for more than 4kms without significant discomfort in my knees.  Pain even.  I had never entertained any running goals because of this and was only ever going to plod along in a 5km fun run.  I have misaligned patellas.  I didn’t even know I had patellas!  The Osteo gave me some exercises to do, strapped up my knees a couple of times and now basically no discomfort at all!  I have to switch on some muscles near my knees with some special stretching before I exercise but honestly they are good now.  E has also given me a whole range of stretches and suggestions to help with problem areas.  She advocates Pilates and Yoga as a gentle form of strength and stretching for my tired, sore legs. And they do work.

The ouchies don’t stop me.  If anything I am grateful to feel them.  They say Yay, you worked hard!  They say Better to feel like this from some good solid sweaty exercise than seizing up on the couch.

Sitting waiting for Husband yesterday I saw this in a magazine – it pretty much sums everything up.  Be positive. Set realistic goals and work to achieve them.

Stay Positive

Happy running 🙂

4 thoughts on “When everything hurts!

  1. I love your suggestions for pain after running – I started incorporating yoga to my training in June and because it works muscles that we may not use in running, for me has alleviated a lot off pain.

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