A brick on your toe and a problem with the heart

Best excuse ever to get out of running in a Christmas Running Fairy costume at parkrun:  drop a concrete block on your toe.

Christmas Running Fairies

This is what happened to Husband on Thursday night.  And a very good job of mangling his toe he has done.  The nail is a lovely shade of green while around it is a vibrant purple.  So on Saturday when he was going to run in the Christmas parkrun, instead he took my volunteer job as a marshal and I got to run.   The costumes were for a bit of fun.  I’m not really into dressing up, but I thought what the heck and put a simple costume together for us.  You can see by Husband’s face that he had a wonderful time wearing his (hehe).  We didn’t win the hamper but a very cute young lady in a reindeer costume got to take it home.  It’s not about winning it’s all about having fun and participating.

Fairy1Parkrun is a wonderfully inclusive event.  This was the 7th Launceston parkrun and after each run everyone is invited to a nearby cafe to have a coffee. Husband and I joined about eight other runners and while we were chatting two quite remarkable running stories were told.  I noticed one young woman had a Polar sports watch on.  I bought one similar just recently so I was asking her about it.  As it turned out she wears her’s all the time due to a heart condition.  She has a defibrillator inserted just in case something goes wrong with her heart beat.  I’m not a medical person so when these things are explained I don’t always fully understand.  But I did understand that running for this young woman is something that she has to be careful about in a major way!  But she loves it and despite the issues she runs.

Then another lady told how less than a year ago she had heart surgery to correct a faulty valve.  Prior to the surgery she could hardly walk due to rapidly getting out of breath and becoming severely exhausted.  She told us how she can run now but not as fast as she could before her health issues.  BUT she is running and the gratitude that she can still run came through so loud and clear.

I was inspired.

There are people out there who would love to run but can’t.  There are runners out there who run while managing major health issues.  What more excuse do we need to be active?  Apart from our own physical wellbeing, if we are healthy enough to lace up those shoes why don’t we?  Two legs, can run so I do.  And after yesterday, with just a little bit more determination and a little bit more gratefulness due to hearing two special stories.

Back to that toe.  Husband is not that happy or comfortable but his toe will heal.  He can only wear his gum boots and his runners but at least he can wear something.  The terrible thing is that had he been wearing his gum boots (they have a steel cap) the injury wouldn’t have occurred.  Just goes to show that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Happy Christmas AND Happy Running 🙂

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