Christmas Eve Date with Distance

Holidays! A chance to break with routine and do things differently. I’m on leave for a few weeks and being summer and irrigation time on the farm there is lots to do. It’s been raining though, so the workload has been temporarily reduced. Summer rain – love it.  My usual exercise routine is out the window and instead I’m running every second day at any time of the day I feel like or can fit in.

Today I had a date with 12kms. This is the longest distance attempted so far. But where to run? Not being a brave runner the decision was made to run up and down the driveway five times. Being summer and out in the country snakes are making an appearance (Tasmania has some of the world’s most deadliest). There isn’t a lot of traffic but when there is traffic it’s fast and usually heavy-duty – I don’t like running on narrow tracks with nowhere to jump other than into the scrub (being allergic to jack jumpers doesn’t help this attitude). So off I went up and down the drive way. The Polar GPS watch and I really got to know each other. I decided that speed wasn’t to factor into this date. It was all about distance no matter how slow. I tried to keep the pace at 9kms per hour: according to the training file my average speed was 9kms and maximum was 11.4kms.

Some of the chaps on the farm thought I had completely lost my marbles. Up and down I went. No trouble with the heart rate because of the slow pace, but by the 8km mark my legs were so tired. I kept telling myself how good it will feel to get to the end and how bad it will feel if I give up.

With this run I put a few new things into practice both in preparation to run and during the run. Breakfast was porridge, banana, blue berries and honey with two cups of coffee.  The hour before I ran I drank a litre of powerade to make sure I was really hydrated.  I did some mobilisation exercises before I started rather than stretches. The Osteo suggested that I ‘switch on’ a few muscles before exercise and an article in the latest Women’s Running Australia also suggested this so I gave it a try. During the run I concentrated on my arms and found that when I got tired this took the attention off my legs. I was aware of my posture which I have to say made me feel good mentally (not sure why), it sort of made me feel in control knowing I wasn’t all slumped. The sound of my feet on the gravel was cool. Basically it was a happy run. No pressure, just me and distance enjoying the road.  My legs are a bit tired and a little achy post run, but not too bad.  It would seem that the new things I tried for this run might work.


Another date with distance. We like each other ok as long as speed doesn’t come between us.

Wishing all your Christmas dreams come true.  Happy Running 🙂


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