Time to think

Between Christmas and New Year time seems to stand still in that I’m never sure what day it is, Tuesday becomes Christmas Day, Wednesday becomes Boxing Day and then there are some blurry days in between before New Years Eve and New Years Day.  The blurriness isn’t due to drinking and merriment but to the stop to the usual daily, weekly routine (although a look in our recycle bin will show there has been just a little merriment :)).  Being summer most businesses and services shut down in this small state apart from those that are busy looking after holiday makers, tourists and those of us who like to eat out.  Over the last seven days Husband and I have had the opportunity to catch up with friends down at the extreme North West Coast of Tasmania, go crayfishing and do a lot of talking and thinking together.  We had a flying trip to the Taste Festival and walked around the Hobart Wharf area and saw the many yachts that had recently completed the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.  The Taste Festival is a must-visit event for any foodies who would like to sample the fresh, creative produce from this island state.  Tasmania has arguably the freshest air, the purest water and the most pristine environment of anywhere in the world;  I get to call this place home!  Fortunately for Husband it has been raining so the irrigation schedule on the farm has lighted and provided a window for us to have some down time together.

So time stood still.  But I didn’t.  Running did take a back step in favour of family, friends and relationships but that’s ok.  I did my 5km PB on Saturday at parkrun.  26:09.  It’s never about speed for me but I was really thrilled to make that time.  I took 34 seconds off my last PB.  I didn’t set out to do this.  I just did.  I tried to keep up with a lady who must be about 10 years older than me and a fantastic runner.  My average speed was 11.4kms per hour which is much higher than my usual 10ish-kms per hour.  I managed to keep up with her for more than half the way before she [shock] had to have a little walk, it was tough trying to keep up a faster pace on my own.  The other thing was that Husband was not it good form so I was only around 10m to 15m behind him!  He didn’t turn around once.  I was so tempted to put on my best Road Runner impersonation and burn up and by him and go mmmeeep mmmmeeep  but I didn’t.  The fear that I wouldn’t be able to finish was a little too great.  Husband by way of explanation hadn’t run for a few weeks due to dropping a concrete block on his toe.  The toe is still not a pretty sight!

2013 goals for this year

  • Log the kms I run to see how far my runners, the road and determination take me
  • Complete a half marathon most likely in September
  • Continue to foster my joy and enthusiasm for running and fitness by being part of parkrun, boot camp and my weekly exercise routine
  • Contemplating walking the Point to Pinnacle in November

Next year I turn 50.  My present to myself is to run the Point to Pinnacle in mid-November before my birthday at the end of that month.  Will I have the runs on the board, the fuel in the tank, the physical currency to give this gift?  Time, dedication, joy and enthusiasm will all play a part to see if I can.

From me to you Happy 2013.  Anything is possible if we can only make that decision to try.  I hope this year that when you pack away your Christmas decorations that you can look back at a contented year with health, happiness and joy.

Happy running 🙂

parkrun photos to show how close I was to Husband

At the 1km mark, I'm the pink blur in the background

At the 1km mark, I’m the pink blur in the background

At the 3.5km mark, hanging in there

At the 3.5km mark, hanging in there

3 thoughts on “Time to think

  1. Just reading some of your posts. I’m 50 next year too and what great goals you have set yourself. You are so lucky to be living in the most beautiful state in Australia. My bestie lives in Tasmania, I love visiting. 🙂

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