Tasmanian Bush Fires

Three hours drive from where I am sitting right now is horrendous devastation.  Homes lost.  Work places lost.  Pets lost.  Farms lost.  At this stage no people have been lost but the possibility is very real.  The reports in say that over 60,000 hectares have been burnt out, over 100 homes gone, and most worrying of all up to 100 people are missing.  But here at my home in Northern Tasmania is a beautiful balmy summer evening.  An alert just came up on the TV to say that the dear little town of Buckland is under threat – I went to a beautiful wedding there nearly 30 years ago.  But this is just one town out of many that have been incinerated over the last few days.  I’m heart-broken but from the comfort of my own home – it is unimaginable how heart-broken those directly hit must feel.

Life is fickle.  We never know when a twist will take away what we have or who we hold dear.

So I say let’s keep running.  Let’s keep running and loving the run because we never know when we might not be able to.  I don’t say this to be scared I say this to celebrate and grab each and every opportunity.  Times, watches, PBs can pale just for a little while, run just because we can and it’s fun and joyous.  These fires have been such a huge reminder not to take the ability to run or the opportunities to run for granted.

Tasmania is a strong community and already there is a small army of volunteers and organisations working to support people who have lost their homes.  Tasmanians are rallying to gather donations of things, money and people power to help out.  And what do we say about the Fireies and other Emergency Service personnel?  They are real heroes in action and a large proportion of them are volunteers.  Donations are being taken by the Red Cross.

Happy running 🙂

PS this week has been so hot and windy (32 to 38 degrees C here in the Meander Valley of Tasmania).  I’ve been running 5kms every second day and not paying too much attention to anything except having a good old running date with the road.

2 thoughts on “Tasmanian Bush Fires

  1. Well said. Also kudos to the Emergency Services people (many of whom volunteers) who are so often taken for granted until they are desperately needed.

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