Hot Running Joy

Hot Running Joy?  Perhaps a name for a Gospel song?  Today it is the title of a 5km run on the farm.  It was hot but good.  I still can’t believe that me, the unsporty woman who used to avoid any form of running can put on her shoes and run 5kms even on a warm day… with little thought and is happy about it!  It just goes to show that anyone can do this running thing – just make the all important decision to try.  Below are some photos of the Hot Running Joy.

Happy running 🙂

A bit red faced after the run

A bit red-faced after the run – clashing with my hi-vis running top

2013-01-07 09.42.02

Our thermometer under our front porch after the run at 9:30am

2013-01-07 09.42.36

Our front porch just to show that the thermometer is in the shade 🙂

2013-01-07 09.52.21 2013-01-07 09.52.32

Dodging the irrigator – I plodded along with an average pace of 9.7kms according to my GPS watch but my maximum speed was 16.7kms.  This was to dodge the irrigator and avoid a dumping.  This irrigator is known as a traveller and winches itself up to a fixed point.  It takes about 1.5 minutes to rotate so when running the decision needs to be made to either slow down and let it go by or speed up and beat it.  I opted to speed up and beat it 🙂

2013-01-07 09.53.08

The view down our driveway at the 500m mark back to our house – the home stretch

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