Someone busier than you is running right now

All day Wednesday I thought of that inspirational running message:

Someone busier than you is running right now

Wednesday was a scheduled run day but a run didn’t happen.

On Tuesday afternoon I put on my overalls and gumboots and milked the cows to help Husband out – the weather has been so hot and horrible that irrigation has been pretty full on; I milked so he could get on with other things.  During milking Husband had a bit of a roll down a bank into a sump hole and ended up with a trip to Accident and Emergency and a badly bruised shoulder and ribs.  He’s not at all comfortable and will be sore for about four to six weeks.  But enough of that this blog is about running.

Wednesday was run day.  But a run didn’t happen.

With responsibilities on the farm ramping up due to Husband’s injury there just wasn’t a moment between getting up to milk and 6:30pm when I got into town to Boot Camp.  I am sure that there are people much busier than me but I just couldn’t find a time between jobs for a run.

Today was parkrun.  When I got home I downloaded the information from my GPS watch into the online trainer.  According to my watch I’ve run 30.3kms since 01 January.  I’m ok with that.  It’s not where I wanted to be.  20kms a week was the minimum for this year.  But does it really matter?  I haven’t got the kms up because of the heat and helping Husband.  This running thing is all about having a go and being the best that I can be, not compared to other runners, just the best that I can be in competition with myself.

So am I happy with 30kms mid-month.  Yes I am!  The running I’ve done has been valuable.  It’s been fun.  It’s been challenging at times.  Has my love of running and my ability to run been nurtured and expanded in this time?  Yes and yes!  According to parkrun statistics I’m in the mid 60th percentile for a woman my age.  I had a sneaky look at how I stake up with other female runners at the local parkrun and I’m delightfully average.  Not fast, not slow, just mid field.  Am I happy with that?  Absolutely!  If I was way down the end of the field would I be happy that?  Yes I would, the feeling of achievement that comes from being able to finish a 5km run is so big it can’t be measured.   It’s not about speed, it’s not about time, it’s not about PBs it’s about setting achievable goals and steadily working towards them and if life throws things that demand my attention over running, don’t worry the road and my running shoes will patiently wait.  My Husband is very supportive of my running.  He can see the benefits it is doing for my physical and mental health and wellbeing.  He kicked me out the door to parkrun.  I’m so glad he did.  Not a PB today (27:02) but I ran all the way and finished. Running goal accomplished.

Work-Life-Run Balance – doing ok.

Happy running 🙂 and I really mean that, happy running, run like the parkrunners today, no frowns, only smiles 🙂

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