Eating Running Living

In the 2.5  years that running has been part of my way of life I’ve become more conscious of what I choose to eat and drink.  Eating appropriately makes a run more fun.  Being on leave I’ve had time to experiment a bit with what I cook and eat.  Here are a few happy snaps of what’s been going on in the kitchen all with running and healthy living in mind.

One of Husband’s favourites:  Smoked Salmon Omelette with chives and pepper.  Full of protein.

Smoked Salmon Omelette

Smoked Salmon Omelette

Porridge is our usual breakfast, always with full cream milk from the vat at Husband’s dairy.  Blueberries make it even more yummy and running friendly.  Full of antioxidants.

Porridge with honey, blueberries and banana

Porridge with honey, blueberries and banana

Husband isn’t much into salads so these are a couple of attempts to make salads a bit more interesting and use a few of the super foods.

Sweetcorn and Beans

Sweetcorn and Beans

Roast Sweet Potato Salad

Roast Sweet Potato and Spinach Salad

There is nothing like a nice cold glass of sparkling wine on our deck after a hot day working on the farm.  My favourite is Jansz – made in Tasmania and oh so yummy.  I’m working on cutting my alcohol consumption right back to almost nil but I’m finding I still like a glass of something that says end of the day, time to relax.  For the last 12 months I’ve been having sparkling mineral water as an alternative, in my champagne glass, and while it isn’t quite the same it does the trick.  Husband and I love our cheese and we are known to get several out of the fridge and greedily scoff the lot.  Not good.  Instead of getting it all out we’ve been cutting up just a few morsels and sticking to a taste.  Here I’ve mixed brie and tomato dressed with fresh basil, black pepper and olive oil.  Again not quite the same as our usual cheese fix but it did the trick and full of flavour.  Husband, just to clarify, doesn’t drink.  He is a strong-willed man and decided in his early 20s that alcohol and he didn’t mix, so he stopped.  Just like that.

Wine O'Clock healthy style

Wine O’Clock healthy style

Portion control is something I try really hard to apply in my eating.  After each run or training session my GPS watch tells me how many calories that have been burnt and what the fat percentage has been.  I’m amazed by how few calories I actually burn during a strenuous run.  Yesterday for example I did a 5km run and burnt 267 calories with a fat burn percentage of 14%.  That wouldn’t have even burnt an average chocolate muffin!  Calories in and Calories out. Portions that are appropriate for the energy I need to get through the day is the aim.

The more I run the more I get into healthy eating.  This week I did the Real Age Test and was pleased to find out that I am 5.9 years younger than my actual age (a link to this was on All Seasons Cyclist‘s blog – thanks :)).  One of the things that went against me was exposure to second-hand smoke during a period in my life.  But I won’t go into that.  My weight, exercise levels and healthy eating however all contributed to a younger body age.  I’m in control of what I put into my body and I’m in control of my exercise levels.  What excuse is there for me not to Eat Run Live well? I live in Australia, I have access to good food, time to exercise and access to information to allow me to choose to be healthy.  My wish is that anyone living in this sort of place can also make the choice to be healthy.  Eating Walking Living well… Eating Swimming Living well… Eating Cycling Living well… insert any physical activity into the middle – just have a go.

Happy Eating Running Living 🙂

Ps the food photos above are what I’ve tried, I don’t advocate anyone changing their diet without their own personal research 🙂

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