I love my knees!

A couple of years ago I asked them if they wouldn’t mind doing some running.  They held a meeting and jointly decided that actually they did mind running, it was a unanimous decision that they would rather I didn’t run.  They strongly suggested other activities like sitting daintily on a bar stool cross-legged while hands held a cocktail.  They suggested sitting in the dark of a movie theatre nicely clad in jeans and long leather boots.  They even thought that just keeping on walking was fine with them (I’ve done an early morning walk for years). But running, no they thought it was the silliest idea I’d had yet.

Knees, despite their objections, obliged. 

My knees!

My knees!

Why I love my knees

  • They tell a story.
    I have a large scar on my left knee from a car accident in 1971 (I have matching scars through the back of my head too).  I was knocked over by a car (my brother says that the knock on my head explains a lot of things about me hehe).  I have other scars too all of which are the result of a fun and active childhood that involved lots of bike riding and lots of running around in the bush mostly bare foot.
  • They responded to treatment.
    In a previous post I wrote about my misaligned patellas. Initially running more than 5kms was painful. A visit to the Osteo sorted that out – with a little strapping and some pre-run switch-on exercises there is now no pain. Once this pain was gone the big running dream of doing the Point to Pinnacle for my 50th birthday in November 2014 (next year) was planned.  Thankyou knees.
  • They have sound effects.
    Boot Camp twice a week has become an essential part of my life.  I love it.  I love how it pushes me to do a bit more each time but I only get out what I put in.  There is a great bunch of people attending who are at different fitness levels, but that doesn’t matter, we do our personal bests together.  My knees can be a talking point.  It’s ok when the music is up loud but when it isn’t anyone beside me can hear the cellophane-scruching sound effect as we do squats, lunges, burpees… It sounds a bit yucky really, makes me wince to hear it.  There’s nothing to worry about though, my knees just like to have their say!
  • They wouldn’t win the Prettiest Knee Competition.
    Spider veins, scars, podgy bits, cellulite.  I have them!
  • Best of all though They run like a machine.
    Not a fast machine.  But a machine.  I swear that once they know what the running goal for the day is they just go and do it.  My brain can be somewhere else at times but knees just keep going.

Yes, I love my knees.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to take up running in my mid-40s and am entertaining big goals for my early 50s.  If my knees and I can do this running thing I swear anyone with reasonable health can.  Knees like being looked after.  They enjoy trips to the Osteo perhaps, getting a massage, doing warm ups and cool down stretches.  Knees love all that and respond by keeping on going.2013-01-22 14.07.05

My knees aren’t special but they can run.

Happy running 🙂

Ps So excited.  Husband and I have just entered the Hobart Run The Bridge (Feb 17) and I have entered the Women’s 5km Run Walk (March 3).  The Bridge run will be my first ever 10km event 🙂  Husband is still not running due to his bruised ribs but I’m sure he will do well like he always does.

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