Haring Around With Distance

There are hares on our farm.  They are alert, fast and very nibble.  I often see them on a certain part of the road.  They hear me coming, sit for a few seconds, then hare up the road before darting through the fence and over the paddock.

Today was a blissful day for a run.  Cool, overcast and breezy again.  Perfect.  I set a distance, thought of a course and off I went.  This week I’ve been running without my GPS watch due to a broken button.  It’s being repaired so all will be ok eventually.  It’s actually been a good thing to run without it this week, allowing me to take my running back to basics and providing a reminder about why I run.  I run to do the distance, not to be fast, but just to go the distance.  Distance has been a little bit in the background due to all the fancy things that my watch can do.  I’ve kind of lost sight of the raw, pure reason why I lace up my shoes and run.  Distance.

The first time I ran a km was sheer heaven.  Honestly I was so elated that I had conquered a km that I was delirious with joy.  I kid you not, it was almost the same sense of achievement as giving birth!  This possibly sounds over the top and corny – ok, not possibly it does sound corny and over the top!  Regardless though never in my life did I think it possible for me to run a km.  But I did.  I went the distance.  Now it’s about having a go at going further.  Not fast, just further.  I’ve said it many times, if I can do this running thing anyone can.  It all boils down to determination and having a go.

Husband got in from milking the cows this morning just as I was about to set off on the run.  He hugged me and told me how proud he was of me for having a go and that he admired my persistence, determination and discipline.  As a result I ran with such happiness and joy.  I can go the distance and Husband thinks I’m doing alright.  Yay!  Encouragement is a beautiful thing.  Words cost nothing but the right ones pay huge dividends.

Seeing the hare just reminded me of how far I have come.  I can’t run like a hare, but I can go the distance like the tortoise.  And going the distance, having a go, is what counts.


Happy running 🙂

PS getting excited, Hobart Run the Bridge is only a few weeks away AND the following weekend is the Nile 10 Mile.  After today’s date with distance I think I might give the Nile 10 Mile a go!

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