26:09 is a lovely number

parkrun yesterday was my PB again – two times, the same PB.  I’m not sure if the second time counts as a PB but let’s say it does.  Being fast isn’t important, running all the way and finishing is.  BUT it is rather nice when I manage to go a little faster than usual.

There were a few things different about this run –

  • I didn’t set out to do a PB.  The night before was a late night out for dinner with brown-eyed-daughter #1, her boyfriend and his parents.  J had made the most mouth-watering Beef Wellington EVER!  yum.  But a late night.  Not good before any run.
  • After two weeks I had my GPS watch back due to some needed repairs.  For some reason apart from pushing the start button and then the stop button I didn’t look at it at all during the run.  I was too busy having fun running.
  • The weather was amazing!  Even though it is the middle of February there was just a whisp of Autumn in the air.  It was fresh, cool, bright, sunny.
  • There was a great vibe at parkrun.  There always is!  But yesterday it was particularly noticeable.  Fun, happiness, friendship… wonderful 🙂
  • I actually passed two men, one at about the 2.5km mark and the other at the 4km mark!  Sometimes I pass a few guys at the beginning of the run but never half way through.  I belive that when a woman overtakes a man the term is chicked – love it… I chicked two blokes.  I didn’t mean too, they slowed down a bit and I just plodded on.

parkrun just seemed to have a few different ingredients there on Saturday.  I felt great.  I was so happy to be there and off I went and clocked my existing PB again.

Running really does make me happy.  The more that I lean in and feel the pure pleasure of it the more enjoyable it becomes.  PBs are great.  They are boost that is for sure.  But so is just lacing up those shoes and getting out there with a whole heap of other crazy converted running souls and doing our thing – running.

One bloke I didn’t manage to chick was Husband.  It was his first run since bruising his ribs over three weeks ago in a nasty fall.  No PB for him but 24:46 with an injury and no running for a little while is pretty good.  I’m just pleased I can at least puff in a few minutes later and he can hand me my water bottle!  Not bad for a 55-year-old dairy farmer.

Happy running 🙂

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