Looking the part – feeling the part

What is it about funky running clothes?  I pull on my lovely black compression pants with the pink and silver go-fast stripes.  I put on my running crop top and then a bright-pink very light weight running tank.  Soft, supportive running socks are next with just the right amount of logo to say I’m a runner.  And lastly my black running cap that is oh so comfortable, light-weight and most importantly has just a little hint of incognito.  And – drum rolllllllllll – there she is the running version of me!  From mild-mannered literacy tutor, wife, mother and all round DIY girl to….. RUNNER, just apply the magic of running clothes.

Husband bought me my first pair of compression pants.  “I can’t wear those, I’m not a real runner,”  I said to him.  He’d bought them, in Hobart, couldn’t take them back.  I got them out of the box.  “I can’t get in these they are way too small, they look like they were made for a 7-year-old,” I said.  Husband patiently explained that they are compression pants and will stretch.  I have long finger nails.  Despite my work on the farm (I always wear gloves) I’ve managed to keep my nails long.  As I pulled on these pants I was so worried I’d put a nail through them.  But I didn’t.  Oh my, compression pants do wonders for over 40-year-old wobbly bits 🙂

That was almost two years ago.  Those compression pants only come out for bootcamp now, they are nearly on their last legs, nearly worn out.  In fact I was wearing them recently and some of the bootcamp girls commented on my leopard print undies that apparently were very visible through the fabric of the pants!

What is it about running clothes?

At first I didn’t feel qualified to wear them but now I know my running clothes are magic, and no qualifications are necessary, just the desire to run.

  • They give me confidence (I look the part even if often I don’t feel it)
  • They help me feel like I fit in with other runners
  • They are good to run in (stating the obvious), they provide good support, are lightweight, very comfortable and allow me to go the running distance
  • They are a sign that says she’s a runner

 2013-02-09 07.16.55 2013-02-09 08.51.55

This weekend I traveled with my middle child, blondie daughter #1 to help her move back into university life in Melbourne.  The one criteria was that she would get me to Albert Melbourne parkrun.  She did.  What a beautiful place to run and right in the middle of one of Australia’s largest cities.  It was very warm – it was an 8am start but it was already in the mid-20 degrees C.  I had my funky running clothes on and really felt the part.  The track is just wonderful.  All flat and lovely well-kept gravel.  It winds around a lake that is used by rowers.  Dotted all over the lake were Australia’s iconic black swans – they are so beautiful.  We have them on our farm and honestly they are a nuisance!  They fly into power lines and cause major outages, they foul up the paddocks and the cows won’t eat the grass where they are.  We have them in droves (100s).  But on the lake on Saturday they just looked majestic and completely at home (I took a few snaps but didn’t manage to get any swans in the pictures!)

For the first time ever I went to a run on my own and felt like I belonged.  There were 158 runners on the day, I came 99th.  I was the 25th lady over the line out of 61 and the second lady in my age group.  My time was 27:10 with a respectable average pace of 11.2 kms.  I had a ball, felt very welcome and like I belonged.  Running clothes don’t make the runner but they sure give a big helping hand.

2013-02-09 08.51.46

Happy running 🙂

PS had a ball at a big shopping centre with blondie after the run.  We do have running shops in Tasmania but not that many specialist shops all grouped together.  I have added some new tanks and pants and crop tops to my collection.  Oh and I did help my little girl set up her little studio apartment. It’s all pink, cute and homey, all ready for the start of semester in a few weeks.  But very exciting, Husband found my running shoes online, in pink, IN PINK!!!!  I will soon have pink running shoes.  Yes I’m an unsporty woman in her late 40s but I still love pink.

2 thoughts on “Looking the part – feeling the part

  1. Sounds like I need to get me some proper running clothes! parkrun at Albert Melbourne sounds awesome (especially the part about feeling like you belonged), and I love that your PINK!! shoes are on their way. 🙂

    • It feels great to belong to something that initially was so foreign. I guess clothes are a bit superficial but it certainly helped with my confidence. There are some great places to go shopping for running clothes, Big W has some wonderful Michelle Bridges stuff! Yeah, go my pink shoes – I think you might like shoes as much as I do xxx

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