More Fresh Fast Food

2013-02-11 20.32.54

Crispy Skinned Salmon with Lemon Pepper

What could be easier or yummier?  Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon pan-fried with a shake of lemon pepper, served with sweet potatoes, potatoes, steamed broccolini, beans and carrots.  Time for preparation: 10 minutes, time to cook about the same.  Would I rather fish and chips from the take away shop?  Yes, let’s be honest sometimes it really hits the spot, but this fresh fast food is way more tasty and has health benefits rather than causes health issues.  And a great meal after bootcamp.

A currious thing has happened to me this weekend.  For the first time in my career as a parent I find myself with empty nest!  Brown-eyed daughter #1 moved away for uni just over three years ago and is still living in town.  Blondie daughter #1 is back in Melbourne at uni and Son #1 is boarding in town during the week with brown-eyed daughter #1.  It’s so strange.  It feels kind of like the start of something very exciting.  I love my children very much but I’m excited to watch them grow and move towards making their life dreams and goals come true.  I have three children but each one is my number one.

So tonight fresh fast food was done for two!  I would like to say that we shared it together, Husband and I, but it is nearly 9pm and dark and Husband is out with his irrigators (or irritators as they can be called!)  Dairy farmers are a wonderful breed – it certainly takes some doing to get that milk from cow to carton.

And…. my pink shoes have arrived.  I tested them at bootcamp tonight and they are wonderful.  Speaking of bootcamp amongst other fun things like planks, dips, burpees and lots of running, lots and lots and lots of running, we did 250 deep squats – now where is my foam roller?  hehe I do really love boot camp.

2013-02-11 20.45.04

Happy running 🙂

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