My Running Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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My Husband is my Valentine.  He is the main reason that I run!  I wanted to be able to do something with him that he loves.  I didn’t want to be the wife waiting in the car while he trains or the wife at the finish line waiting around.  I want to be going over that finish line with him.  Reality check here – Husband is way faster than me, he goes over the finish line, has a chat to other runners, has a drink, looks out in the distance for me, does some stretches, looks again… and there I am, a little dot huffing and puffing towards him.  I get to the finish line, he hands me a drink, smiles and tells me how proud he is of me.

Husband is my Valentine through life and in running.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you, I think I might be the luckiest unsporty woman around to have a Running Valentine like my Pauly.

Happy running 🙂

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