Hobart Run the Bridge – Yes, Yes and Yes!

Three running goals accomplished in one day?  Yes, yes and yes.

  • Participate in a 10km event – Yes!
  • Do the Hobart run the Bridge – Yes!
  • Run a sub-60 10km – Yes!

I was nervous, anxious and excited.  My stomach was all at sea and my heart rate was racing.  I haven’t run with so many people before so it was all very new.  The course is very hilly with several inclines before the half-way mark and one after.  I had nothing to prove to anyone but myself that I could run all the way and finish.  We’d had a woeful night sleep, Husband and I!  Four hours only due to unexpected and very loud road works (a big water leak) outside my stepson’s house where we were staying.

The Run

2013-02-17 08.58.16

Hobart Bridge

At 6:45am I was standing as close to the 60 minute pace-maker as I could ready for the 7am start.  The pace-maker was a little thing, a small ball of running muscle holding onto a big helium balloon with 60 on it.  The start time came, went, waiting and then… running.

It is such a beautiful place to run!  Old houses, water frontage, long views down the river and the weather was beautiful!  The sun was at our backs and there was a slight breeze on our faces.  As I ran with the group (just over 1300 were running) I was carried by the joint enthusiasm, determination and sound of hundreds of running feet.  At the 3km mark the 60 minute pace-maker and I were pretty much in stride, but then the first hill…. she kept going and I slowed down.  I didn’t stop.  I kept running.  Out came my locomotion arms.  Parallel to the road, moving fluidly back and forth, concentrating, running, the hill melted away.  Relax.  I heard this and remembered the words of Coach Mark of Teach to Run. I relaxed into my run, listened to my body and kept the pace manageable.  Another hill.  Relax.  Locomotion arms.  Then!  There she is the 60 minute pace-maker.  I couldn’t believe it, I felt so good, up the very top of the Hobart Bridge (5.40 km mark), I went by the pace-maker and I didn’t see her again!

After the decline of the bridge was another long incline that I hadn’t noticed on the course map, but all was ok.  Following the same technique the hill melted away.  From then on it was flat.  At the 8.5km mark I was flat!  I looked at my watch and tried to keep running at 10kms per hour.  I did, and a bit faster from time to time.  Rounding the corner of the last 500m I felt very tired and the gas was almost gone but somewhere I found the energy and I started to sprint.  I bet I looked silly!  According to my watch at the last section my maximum speed was 17.7kms per hour!

Hobart's waterfront, the end of the run

Hobart’s waterfront, the end of the run

I didn’t set out to run a sub-60.  Listening to my body I just managed it.  I knew I was going a bit faster but I didn’t realise I was going to do sub-60 until I’d finished (I can see my kms per hour on my watch, but not the clock, it’s just a bit small)  When I was feeling flat I kept telling myself to relax and to let my body go and do what I had asked it to do – run.  I kept saying to myself how good I would feel when I was done.  I’m still on a running high and that was nearly 40 hours ago!  I can’t believe I have completed the iconic Hobart Run the Bridge and loved it so much!  Relaxing into the run certainly helps to get the run done, but it also makes it way more enjoyable, thanks Coach Mark for doable advice that works!

Me and Husband

Me and Husband

And here are the stats


I learnt something new about my running.  I can run a little faster than I think I can.  I can endure a bit harder than I think I can.  Will I push myself a bit more?  No.  Will I listen to my body and relax into the run and allow my running to dictate the speed in the future.  Yes definitely!

Husband did well but he wasn’t happy with his time.  Stepson also ran and with very little running training (he’s a gym guy) did a sub-60 too.  Did he beat his dear old dad?  No!  Husband has magic running feet.  Even without much training, he just puts on his shoes and off he goes.  Husband was 52:32 and Stepson was 53:29.

My personal running story takes a new twist and guess what?  I’m so unbelievably amazed!  10km Run the Bridge?  Yes I can do that and I will again.

Happy running 🙂

PS next Sunday is the Nile 10 Mile.  I feel great today I really want to do it!  Reality?  I’ll probably be home milking cows due to staff shortages.  Oh well.

6 thoughts on “Hobart Run the Bridge – Yes, Yes and Yes!

  1. Love this!! Huge congrats – what a fantastic achievement (and feeling!). It’s really interesting that they had pace-runners, and a great idea (never heard of this, but am new to running so it’s no surprise). Now to other very important business; did you wear your new pink shoes? 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I have to be honest here and say I hadn’t heard of pace-makers either! I had to look them up! There were three, a 40, 50 and 60 minute one. They bunched up at the start of the field which really surprised me, I had thought that they would have been more spaced out. They each had a huge balloon that sometimes in wind hit runners on the head, but it was all fun. Yes, I did wear my new pink shoes and I even had new pink socks – I am totally sure that the pink shoes were a big ingredient in my sub-60!

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