It’s tomorrow – that wish-list 10 mile run

It is tomorrow.  Less than 24 hours away.  At this point in time tomorrow I’ll be running between historic Clarendon House and Evandale, Tasmania in the Nile 10 Mile.  It’s an out and back so I should be on the return journey.  It’s been hot this week but it could be a bit showery tomorrow.

I don’t feel prepared.  This run was on the wish list for sometime in the future, not this year, maybe next.  But here I am sitting typing and I’m doing it tomorrow.

It’s been an interesting week.  One of our workers on the farm went AWOL.  That was a mix of emotions; we were so worried about him and of course him not being here made lots of extra work for others.  We found him – he’s ok – needs some support but he’ll be fine.  We’re giving him another chance – at times we all can need someone to give us a second chance.

Thursday saw me on an interview panel for an organisation I work alongside.  I take this role very seriously so a lot of mental and emotional energy went into this process.  Arriving home on Thursday afternoon I was so tired I had a lie down on the couch and had a little sleep.  Then Husband I went out for a hot but mentally refreshing run.2013-02-23 12.26.43

Training has been going well this week despite the worries.  I’ve had a training schedule from Coach Mark and I’ve been able to follow it pretty much to the letter.  The March/April edition of Women’s Running Australia magazine just happened to land in my letter box yesterday.  There is a great article on The Power of the Mind.  It couldn’t have come at a better time. This is where I feel I’m letting myself down.  There are some great tips in the article to help with those negative thoughts and self-doubt.  I’m taking away three key messages:

  • Visualise
    Picture yourself running the course, what you will wear, what your will do, how you will feel.
  • Repeat Mantras
    I have had some interesting mantras!  I’m going to be fit, fabulous and fifty ~ I will run to the hay barn without stopping ~ I’m a runner I’m a runner I can run ~ I AM going to finish ~ and the name of this blog which has been a long time mantra Unsporty Women CAN run.  According to the article this is brain training.
  • Picture it
    This is the one I like the best!  I realise I’m not as crazy as I think I am.  Sometimes when I run I picture myself crossing the line of the Point to Pinnacle, how I will feel, what I will do (punch the air, burst into tears of joy maybe, or just an exhausted, satisfied smile as I grab a drink).  The article suggests getting a photo of someone going over a finish line and putting it on the fridge, then everyday when you see the photo tell yourself  This will be me!

There is a lot more in the article, in fact the whole magazine is a ball of super encouragement to get out there and try.  It celebrates success no matter what speed or distance run.  It really is all about our personal bests and celebrating just having a go.  On my training schedule from Coach Mark are some encouraging words, he says You are ready!  He suggests to use my mind to keep relaxed and control my breathing.  I’m so grateful for all the encouragement everywhere!

Anyway – tomorrow is the day.  I hope that later Sunday evening I can write a post that says I finished the Nile 10 Mile and I ran all the way.  Unsporty women can run – that’s me, I can!

Please wish me positive thoughts.

Happy running 🙂

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