I did it – Nile 10 Mile

Nile 10 Mile – yes I did that!  It was tough, but I did it and I LOVED it!

Husband and I after the run outside Clarendon House

Husband and I after the run outside Clarendon House, the start and finish of the Nile 10 Mile

My run goals were to:

  • run all the way and try to keep to a 9km per hour pace
  • run my own race and not let other runners influence my pace
  • relax and listen to my body

I did all of that!  Yesterday I did all the right running preparation things – ate well, made sure I was well hydrated, stretched and thought positively – oh and I wrote a blog post and received lots positive thoughts and energy – thank you so much!!!

Start time came, it was hot and humid (just over 80%).  Excited was how I felt.  It was a small field of about 50 runners most of whom were doing the 5km event that was on the at the same time.  All the field, that’s every single runner except for me and one younger lady sailed off into the distance, the two of us plodded along.  I was so happy.  There was lots going on and lots to see!  At the same time, coming the other way was a Penny-farthing road race which was part of the Evandale Village Fair.  All the riders smiled, waved and spurred me on.  It’s not every day you see so many of these old bikes all together and some of the riders looked as if they might be as old as their bikes (no disrespect intended!).  I was in awe of their speed and agility – another good reason to make being active a part of every decade of life.  There were some younger riders as well who had a devil-may-care racing attitude – their speed, sense of fun and cheers were infectious.  I smiled all the way.

Penny-farthing bikes at the end of the run

Penny-farthing bikes at the end of the run

At the 5.9km mark the leading runners went by on the other side.  Suddenly there is Husband!  I yell out:  I’m running 10 Miles, what are you doing?  I threw my head back and laughed and so did he!

The 8km turn around mark came, I’d been running for 50 minutes.  I’m feeling so pumped and happy.  I keep feeling like this until the 10km mark.  I am tired, the road is long and straight.  Where are those riders to spur me on?  Will I make it?  I relaxed into my run, I kept going.  I passed one older gentleman who encouraged me as I plodded by.  Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. I did!  There was one younger lady about 10m behind me for most of the run.

Thank goodness for my GPS watch.  It was so encouraging to see those kms gradually clock up.  Finally we turn off into Clarendon House.  There are spectators for the Penny-farthing race everywhere cheering and clapping me on. The young lady who was behind me was now beside me!  I waved her by but she wouldn’t go!  Off you go, I said.  No that’s not fair, she said.  Yes it is, there’s only 500m to go, I said.  She reluctantly ran by.

Husband appeared and spurred me on.   I crossed the line and yelled I DID IT!  The young lady who had run most of the way behind me came over and said sorry!!!!  She was worried she had upset me.  What an absolute sweetie!  She is new to running, just moved to Tasmania for Uni and trying to get fit.  She saw Husband open a new bottle of water, she was so exhausted that she asked for it – don’t you love how we become friends through sheer exhaustion?  We were so far at the end of the race that most runners had left. But there we were strangers, sweaty, sharing drinks and hugging.  I invited her to parkrun so I hope she comes along.

I did it!


My time was exactly 1:45:00.  My average speed was 8.9kms per hour and my maximum was 11.5kms.  Husband did really well.  He ran it in 1:28:00 – he was so happy!  How do I feel now?  I’m tired but happy.  A number or nagging self doubts have been completely pulverized.  Killed dead through physical achievement that I didn’t think possible.  Will I do it again?  Will I keep aiming for the Point to Pinnacle?  Yes I will.  The body certainly can achieve what the mind believes.

What do you do when you get home after achieving something so huge?  You have a cool glass of delicious NZ wine in a steamy hot epsom salts bath of course.

2013-02-24 13.58.07

Happy running 🙂


20 thoughts on “I did it – Nile 10 Mile

  1. About time you blogged about it (some of us have been waiting patiently for an update lol)!!
    Love this, and am so happy for you. Well done!

    Enjoy the wine and bath – very much deserved. 🙂

    • Awww thanks Miss Rubysneaker x I thought about you Jenny and Miss Running Therapist at one low moment and how I had to keep going to prove you all right x loving this running community very much x

  2. Wow this has really inspired me, thank you!! and congratulations of course that’s amazing! and here I am worrying over my measly 5k run! hehe

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I’m doing a Women’s 5km this Sunday. It was this time last year that I was starting to get worried about the same event! Any distance yet to try is a worry. Go you, I hope you do really well and surprise yourself with the 5k, you are a star just for having a go.

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