Choices – the story of the maternity jeans

I’ve been thinking a lot about choices – choices about my way of life, eating and exercise.  This is the story of a choice I made a long time ago that has been affecting my life every day since.

This July, 17 years ago I gave birth to my third child.  It was a great pregnancy compared to the first two, I felt well, I could eat and consequently I put on some weight, NO I put on a lot of weight!

Three months post birth I was a bit sick of my maternity jeans.  I had one pair.  I wasn’t going out to buy anything new for my last pregnancy so I put up with one decent pair plus it was a time in my life when the budget was tight, very tight.  My ordinary jeans, well, they just weren’t going to fit

I waddle into my favourite jeans shop.  I think to myself, mmmm I’m usually a size 10 (Australian) so I might be a 14, I know I’m a bit (a lot) over my usual weight (when my baby was 1 month old I was 78kgs).  I try on a 14.  I can’t get them by my knees.  I ask for a 16 I still can’t get them too much further than my knees.  I take a big breath and try the next size up – this number must not be spoken of, typed or even thought – I’d never been anywhere close to a 14 let alone this number.  I couldn’t get them on.  I took a deep breath and looked into the change room mirror and thought:

If this is the size I have to buy I will keep wearing my maternity jeans until I get back to normal!

I got dressed and thanked the shop assistant and went home.  I burst into tears.  I was not happy.   I hadn’t realised exactly how much bigger than usual I had become.

I had a choice that day.  Buy the large ones or keep wearing the old maternity jeans.  I’m really pleased that I opted for the second choice.  I love clothes, I love shoes.  It did my self-esteem no good at all not to be wearing something nice but where I was back then it would have done my self-esteem even greater damage to purchase a larger size.  It’s all up to choice.  I will never forget looking into that mirror in the change room – I can play it like a video in my mind.  It took me 18 months to get back to normal and a lot of desperation, failure, tears, small wins and then one day – there I was back to normal (60kgs).  But that is another story.

I choose to be a healthy weight.  Why have I been thinking about choices like this?  I’m extremely inspired by a number of blogs I’ve been reading of late.  Young mums juggling family, running a household, working and trying to maintain a healthy eating and exercise plan particularly the 12WBT program.   Wow, wow and wow – you girls are amazing.  You are making amazing choices today that will affect your lives forever.  I hope that you will be able to sit back as each decade rolls by and be happy that you made good choices about healthy eating and exercise today.  Keep it up ladies, I’m cheering you on!

Happy running 🙂

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