Goo Chews and Powders

2013-03-02 14.12.00Nile 10 Mile was my first longer distance run.  I wasn’t prepared in many ways.  It was one of those things – it was on the wish list, for a while it wasn’t going to happen due to staff shortages on the farm, then it was, then it wasn’t and well Husband and I found we could so we did!  We registered online less than 48 hours before the run.

After the run I found out that Husband had teamed up with a colleague of his eldest son’s.  Apparently they bumped into each other and then talked all the way – let’s pause here…  …They talked all the way.  10 miles.  My Husband likes a good chat so I’m not surprised.  I did wave and smile a lot, I even said hello to heaps of Penny Farthing riders, volunteers, other runners but there was no way I could have sustained a conversation for 10 miles.  Anyway to goos, chews and powders.  This was a major topic of conversation last Sunday for Husband during the run, the guy he was running with shared some goo chews at the 8km mark (half way).  Husband said that within 10 minutes he felt somewhat revived.

It was the 10km mark that I could have done with a friend with a good chew.  10km to 11km was the longest part of the run for me.  I just wanted to STOP!  I had given some thought to taking some powerade with me.  But while I have done a bit of research into water belts, hand-held drink bottles and such I hadn’t actually decided what to get.  Here was the run and I had nothing.

2013-03-02 14.14.44I have got my trusty SPI belt.  I use this to carry my epi-pen (I’m allergic to an ant called a Jack Jumper only found in Tasmania), parkrun cards and it can fit my phone.  I could stuff some goos and chews in there as well.  I noticed that there is a version that comes with little toggles to carry goos along the belt within each reach.  I have also just bought a hand-held drink bottle but that is somewhere in transit (loving online shopping for running gear!)  From my reading and experience up to 10kms (depending on the weather) I don’t need to stop at the water stations, goos, chews and powders will just be for 16kms to half-marathon (that’s the limit for this Unsporty Woman).  Husband had to go into town during the week and bought a selection of goos, chews and powders from a sports store.  We prefer natural sweeteners and some pictured above are far from natural.

What have you tried?  What would you recommend or suggest for a raw, green wannabe distance runner? Any ideas and thoughts would be appreciated.

Happy running 🙂

PS tomorrow is the Womens 5km.  It is going to be through the city streets of Launceston, Tasmania at 1pm Daylight Savings time (12 noon).  It’s forecast to be 28 degrees C – it’s going to be a hot one.  Last year I did it in 29:18, my PB now stands at 26:09, I would love to be in the 25s tomorrow, 25:59 would be amazing, I’ll let you know how I go.

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