Where to from here?

Three fun runs in three weeks.

  1. Hobart Run the Bridge (10kms)
  2. Nile 10 Mile (16.1kms), and
  3. Women’s 5km Run-Walk

Where to from here is the question I’ve been asking myself this week.  My 2013 goals in January were to:

  • Log the kms I run to see how far my runners, the road and determination take me
  • Complete a half marathon most likely in September
  • Continue to foster my joy and enthusiasm for running and fitness by being part of parkrun, boot camp and my weekly exercise routine
  • Contemplating walking the Point to Pinnacle in November

How am I going?

The Polar RC3 GPS watch is great, it’s no trouble to log those kms.  Half Marathon in September?  More on that in a minute.  Fostering my joy and enthusiasm?  Yes I am.   Doing parkrun and bootcamp?  Keeping to my weekly exercise routine?  Yes and yes.  Yes especially due to the training plans that Coach Mark of Teach to Run has been doing for me.  Contemplating walking the P2P?  Yes, still in contemplation mode there.

This week saw me in Hobart for work.  Three whole days of meetings and very little movement, sitting, sitting, eating, sitting, more eating – not healthy!  Tuesday evening saw me revisit the bridge.  I ran from the centre of town, along the water front, along the bike track and then up, up, up to the top of the bridge, then down, down down again, through the Domain and back to the hotel.  It was so hot!  It’s been around 32 degrees C all week.  Wednesday morning I tried to stick to my training plan and went for a run around the waterfront, through Salamanca but I couldn’t resist burning up and down Kelly’s Steps.  There are only 32 of them but going as fast as I could really made the legs burn.

The first of three flights of steps - 32 all up

The first of three flights of steps – 32 all up

Husband caught the bus from home and joined me on Wednesday night.  Thursday evening we went to stay with Husband’s son #1.  I had a lovely run up and down the hills near where he lives on Hobart’s eastern shore.  Looking over the Derwent River I could see Mt Wellington looming – this is the mountain that will be conquered in the Point to Pinnacle.  It was so hot, can’t say I was really thinking in terms of conquering while I was sweating it up those hefty hills, rather the thought process was what the hell do I think I’m doing attempting that????

Where to from here?

Hold onto your tablet, smart phone or computer!  The Unsporty Woman has joined…. [breath deeply]… an Athletics Club!  The online registration form did not blow up.  The printer happily complied and printed my receipt.  I sat quietly and listened, no, no alarms coming from a distance.  Unsporty Women must be allowed to join!  The first run is in a few weeks time.  I’ve joined Husband up too, he’s been a member before.  The Race Calendar [oh dear, Race Calendar not Run Calendar] goes from mid-March to mid-September.  We won’t be able to do all of them but I have chosen a few interesting and longer distance ones for us to do.   So to update my 2013 running goals, the half-marathon will now be mid-July.  I’m told it is a really pretty place to run and I’m looking forward to it!  Will I be able to run all the way?  Time will tell.

A word on motivation.  I have it in bucket loads.  I have enough for me and for Husband and lots and lots to spare.  Husband loves surfing the wave of my running enthusiasm.  He hardly does any training, laces up his shoes and away he zooms with me brining up the rear.  But that’s ok.  It’s all about going the distance, having a go, running all the way.  I’m quite happy at the end, as long as I can run that’s all that matters.

Happy running 🙂

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