What is it about motivation?  It’s a necessary ingredient to make any goal reality.  This is how I keep my motivation in top gear:

  1. If I’m really feeling like I can’t be bothered going for a run, my first step is to put on my running gear.  I don’t think about running, I just think about getting changed.  Once I’ve done that logic propels me out the door.
  2. Reading other running blogs.  When I started this blog it truly was only for an out.  Somewhere to disembowel all my running thoughts, dreams and plans.  Somewhere to do this without boring my non-running family and friends.  Somewhere where there would be no discouragement only encouragement.  Reading other runner’s stories, the heart the struggle, the achievement the joy – it motivates me to keep going forward with my goals.
  3. Logging my kms.  Looking at the tally go up really makes me feel great!  The Unsporty Woman has travelled that far in her running shoes?  Really?  Wow!
  4. I often dedicate a run to someone who I have known, loved and is no longer here.  I think to myself I bet C would love to be working towards running the Women’s 5km.  But she isn’t so I will run in her memory.
  5. VANITY!  I am 48 and I’ve NEVER had such good-looking ankles in my life!  I’m not saying that they are good-looking, they are just looking the best they have ever have.
  6. Thinking about the finish.  I don’t regret when I run but I do regret when I don’t.  I don’t like feeling that way so out the door I go and when the finish comes I feel great.
  7. Let other people know what I am planning – build in some accountability.  Even saying to a colleague that I’m going for a 10m run on the weekend makes me want to accomplish it, I don’t want to tell them that I didn’t.
  8. Setting goals.  For me this is all about working my way to the Point to Pinnacle.  After each run I think to myself I’m a bit fitter, a bit more mentally ready to get up that mountain in my running shoes.

If it was easy to run everyone would be doing it. 

Yesterday I did a 10km run up a lot of hills in town.  I saw one other runner.  I saw a lot of smokers hanging out in the street.  It’s a long weekend here so there were lots of tourists around.  I saw a lot of motor-homes.  One older gentleman was standing at the back of his motor home and said to me as I ran by I wish I had half your energy.  This was at the 9.5km mark, it was hot, humid and very uncomfortable running conditions (I ran between 8am and 9am).  I thought about what he said.  My energy level at that point was really low, I was running on will power and determination to finish rather than energy.  If it was easy more people would be running.


The main motivation of all for me is to be fit, healthy and mobile for the rest of my life.  And I don’t know when this could change.  I choose to make the most of my good health and to celebrate it.  I don’t want to be an old lady looking at people running and wishing I had the energy to do so.  I want to be an old lady runner!  I will never be a fast runner but I will be a runner.  And while I enjoy good health, a blessing to be cherished and nurtured, I will run.

Happy running 🙂

PS I will be running in town for the next six weeks or so.  On the way back home from collecting son#1 from his part-time job on Saturday afternoon there were two huge Tiger Snakes (about 1.2m in length) on the road within less than 500m from our letter box.  I don’t mind running with cows, bulls don’t even worry me that much anymore, but I will avoid snakes!

I found this blog post on the P2P 2012 – it has some great photos.

5 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Great advice about motivation. I have a number of running videos bookmarked that get me out the door on those tough days. Also, if I get my headphones on and going and some coffee in my system that is usually enough to get me out the door and once that happens the battle is won.
    I am actually posting pretty soon about some tips I have learned about getting out the door in the AM when all you want to do is lay in bed…

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