Things change.  Nothing stays the same.  The only thing that is certain is change.  An old Greek bloke called Heraclitus worked this out eons ago and it still rings true over 2000 years later.

I’ve been thinking a lot about change over the last few days.  We make plans and things change.  Somethings we can control and many things we can’t.  Weather, health, other people.  Things change and impact personally so that we have to change.  I’ve read on from afar as some fellow bloggers have battled with rotten, nasty, dangerous weather conditions.  All have trained long and hard for special running events – months of training to find that events are cancelled due to the weather.  And this is fair and reasonable. If a certain long distance race had been cancelled several years ago in Australia some lovely young people would be alive today and others wouldn’t be suffering trauma and scars.  It’s fair and reasonable for event organisers to make the call to cancel.  But it doesn’t make it happy.  It doesn’t mean that we jump for joy because our safety has been the priority.  We are human we get disappointed even when we understand why the change has been made.  It means all the training was for nothing.

Was it for nothing?  Why do we run?  Do we run for events?  Or do we run because we can.  I think it is a little of both.  Training for events keep us focused and on track (literally)!

I really want to complete the Point to Pinnacle.  I want to do this event so badly that not a day goes by that I don’t focus in and dream it happen.  I have no idea why it is so important.  It is literally my running mountain to climb, my holy running grail, but a grail that I can realistically hold in my hand through hard work and determination.  It is called the World’s Toughest Half Marathon.  Why would the Unsporty Woman want to do something like this?  Why do people want to climb Mt Everest? Sail solo around the world?  Base Jump? Go to the Moon?  Because it is there!  That’s all, because it is there.  I want to prove to myself that I can run up that mountain.  Years of feeling like a complete flop with physical fitness will be blown to pieces by this event.

I have made a decision.

The Point to Pinnacle will make the best 49th Birthday present to myself ever!  I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, the strongest and the most confident.  I still have some doubts and nagging fears to silence but I feel between now and November I can do this.  I’m nothing special but if I can do all the running that I’ve done in the last almost three years I really feel that I can do this event.  I’ve changed my goals but that’s ok.

Happy running 🙂

PS am now thinking that a triathlon would make a lovely 50th Birthday present!  Ladies are allowed to change their minds!

5 thoughts on “Change

  1. P.S I’ve just looked at the event website and looked at the course elevation….eek! Couldn’t they run the course the other way, from Pinnacle to Point?! Sounds much better all round 😉

    • A good idea! One year a friend of Husband’s did it and due to bad weather it became the Point to Half-way Up to Point! It is a high elevation and uphill all the way but the picture does make it look a lot worse…so Husband tells me when I say “I can’t do that”. He wants to take me for a drive up but I think that might make me just run away and not do it. hehe (I have driven up there but it was almost 20 years ago so I can’t remember it very well…thankfully

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