Last week, this week oh dear what a week!

So much can happen in the space of seven little days.  Good things, sad things, exciting things, hopeful things.  Events and changes.

It all started off last Sunday.  Husband took a call which is not unusual.  Farmers are business men, Husband is almost constantly on the phone, farming is anything but a quiet life.  A day is just a day, there is no Monday to Friday in farming, every day is a work day.  He took a call.   He stopped talking.  I called him to come and eat the big cooked breakfast that we sometimes have on Sundays.  He remained silent.  I went to him and looked at his face, a tear was running down the side of his beautiful cheek.  I stood with him until he could speak.  His lovely mum, my lovely mother-in-law had had a stroke.  She is 82, Father-in-law is 87, this is a marriage based on love, friendship, care and respect.  A marriage that is the example of how to do it right.  A marriage of openness and communication that obviously works because they have been happy for over 50 years!  How ever would he cope?  Anyway Husband zoomed off to New Zealand the next day, the whole family bar the grandchildren in Australia were able to drop everything and go to her side.  Today I can report that she is in rehab and has regained some movement in her foot and her arm.  She is out of bed but has a long way to go.  BUT it all looks so much more hopeful than it was on Sunday.  This family is so thankful.  So very very thankful.

Health is everything.  The most precious gift we can have.  Something to be nurtured, cherished and worked on.

Last Sunday I won something!  I don’t win things very often (never).  I entered a Hobart Run the Bridge FaceBook competition – I had to say what was the most memorable thing about this run.  I did and I won along with several others.  A $100 gift voucher no less to a really good running shop -SWEET!

My prize!  Voucher AND drink bottle and socks!
My prize! Voucher AND drink bottle and socks!

Monday Husband flew to New Zealand and came home Wednesday.

Thursday we welcomed our newest member to our family – a little baby granddaughter for Husband, Princess V – even SWEETER!

Little Princess V
Little Princess V

This week I have helped my brown-eyed daughter #1 who is 22 prepare to move to Western Australia.  She sailed off from Tasmania on Thursday night.  As I type she is somewhere across the Nullarbor Plain driving in her little car stuffed to capacity with her belongings.  I’m anxious to hear each night how she is going.  So far so good.  She will be driving 3,500kms!

Friday after milking we jumped into Husband’s big fast black car and zoomed to Hobart to meet little Princess V – she is so tiny and perfect, her mum and dad and little brother are the most lovely sweet little family.  We zoomed back home again arriving at 1:00am.

We set the alarm to get ourselves up in time to get to parkrun today, but we just didn’t make it 😦  BUT today in a little while we are off to Launceston to do some bits and bobs and will go for a 10km run up and down some hills as well!  AND to top off our week tonight blondie daughter #1 who is 19 is coming home from University for a few days.  NICE!

In all this I’ve been at work and kept up with my running.  Time spent in my running shoes has been better than any anxiety pill!  It has been calming and given a time to be quiet within a week of changes.  I missed Wednesday night bootcamp to spend the evening with brown-eyed daughter #1 and to collect Husband from the airport. I’m on track to run a whopping 100km for March.  Unbelievable.  I’ll let you know how I go!

From the birth of a new little princess to the illness of my much-loved mother-in-law – this has been a big week.  Keeping physically active has been the glue that has kept this unsporty woman’s sanity together.  Thank goodness for running shoes.

Happy running 🙂

PS Husband and I are off to NZ this week, we are looking forward to a special wedding (what wedding isn’t special!) and then we were going to have a little drive around but now we will head straight to visit Husband’s parents.  This has been planned for months and months, a lot of running around but it will be good to get there and spend some time with Husband’s family.  AND… AND I get to parkrun in Auckland!!!!  I shall be an international runner!!!!  Wooo Hooo!!!!  There is always a silver lining somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Last week, this week oh dear what a week!

  1. What a week you’ve had! Hope you mother in law makes a full recovery. And congratulations on the new arrival to your family! Enjoy the Auckland parkrun!

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