100km March and Three Peaks Race Tasmania

A goal for this year was to record my running kms.  This is the year so far:

January – 75kms
February – 76kms
March – 100kms
Year to Date:  251kms

A screen shot from Polar Personal Trainer

A screen shot from Polar Personal Trainer

For half the month my Polar RC3 GPS was away being repaired for the second time so I manually put the time and distances into the online Polar Personal Trainer.   As a result the calories and sport zones do not represent the whole month.  I don’t use the GPS for bootcamp each Monday and Wednesday, I probably should because running is a major feature, but I find it just gets in the way of burpees and skydivers!  Yesterday I felt quite pleased with the running I’ve done for March.  Today I’m just a little overwhelmed by how much more training there is to do.

Over Easter the Three Peaks Race has been underway here in Tasmania.  This event puts the Point to Pinnacle into a big picture perspective!  In the 3Peaks runners not only sail around in yachts to each race, but they run up three mountains in the space of a few days!  This event is modeled on Three Peaks Yacht Race in the UK.

I watched a report on TV about it and to say it looks demanding is an understatement.  Many of the peaks are bagged in the dead of night, so add darkness as well as altitude and distance to the challenge!  The report said that teams competing are way down in numbers this year most likely due to the increasing variety of endurance-style events to choose from.  Are more and more of us becoming fitter and stronger and loving the feeling of total unleashed fitness?  It certainly looks like it!

All this makes my 100kms for March seem a little un-noteworthy!  But at the end of the day it’s all about going the distance for myself.  100kms is huge for me.  The challenge now is to keep building in more and more hill runs in order to make hill running just as normal as running on the flat.  Couple this with increasing the distance and I will be good to go in November for the P2P(?).

A Silver Lining

A good thing about having my GPS out-of-order was that as a sweetener I had a software upgrade so that now the device can record altitude.  This will be handy.  I’ve decided that Husband really needs one of these things too.  As much as I really like the Polar RC3 I’m thinking we will shop around a little to see what might suit Husband best.  Polar customer service has been excellent but we shall just see what else is available.

Have you heard of Gibson Daily Running Quotes?  I enjoy reading a quote each day, it keeps my thoughts on track and gives me that little boost of encouragement to get my distance in for the day.  Today they quoted from Thoughtjoy, so I went over and had a look and found another quote that really hit the spot:

This sums up where I am in my mind with the P2P at this moment.  Give it a try!  Why ever not!

Happy running 🙂

5 thoughts on “100km March and Three Peaks Race Tasmania

  1. The Three Peaks Yacht Race sounds gruelling! Think it’ll be better to spectate than participate in that one! 😉 Well done on the mileage and classes, you’re admirably consistent with your routine! 😉

      • Hehe I have the same problem with my phone. I don’t think the 3Peaks is something I will ever do, but I really admire the people who do have the stamina for it! I am person of routine that’s for sure, I’m going to try and mix up my distances this month – live on the wild side!

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