Running in the land of the Great White Cloud – NZ

Husband is from New Zealand.  We pop across the ditch from time to time to catch up with his family.  Getting my runs in around family time and travel over the last week has been a bit interesting!  I’ve managed three and one tabata workout.  There’s been a Wedding, a visit to one lovely sister, a visit to another, a fabulous and restful stop at Lake Taupo and finally to Husband’s home town.  Here we are catching up with Husband’s brother, nieces and nephews and my lovely parents in law.  Mother in Law is improving from her stroke – she is getting  a little bit more movement each day and is grumpy!  She is a wonderfully strong lady and seeing her grumpy is a very good sign!!!

Saturday saw us do Cornwall Park parkrun in Auckland.  What a great course!  A very pretty park full of interesting trails and paths met us.  It was a little rainy but very pleasant.  It goes up and down hill a bit which is different for us – Launceston parkrun is flat.  The main ingredient was the friendliness of the runners and volunteers.  I’ve now participated in three different parkruns and all have been so very friendly and inclusive.  If you haven’t tried it and you have one near by, please go and experience this amazing event. 

If all the world were parkrunners I’m sure there would be no more crime or nastiness to be found.


Walking towards the start



There is nothing special to report about our parkrun on Saturday – it was just a good old run in the park.  No PBs.  A run for fun and the pure pleasure of it.  After the run, we hooned it back to my sister in law’s house and got ready and then zoomed off to a beautiful wedding.  We celebrated, caught up with friends from Husband’s youth, danced and had a lovely time watching the sun set over Auckland Harbour – as they say in New Zealand, Sweet As Bro!

Happy running 🙂

Husband and I ready for the Wedding -  loving my sparkly thongs/jandels/flip flops :)

Husband and I ready for the Wedding – loving my sparkly thongs/jandels/flip flops 🙂 I wore a killer pair of silver peep toes, but wore my thongs for the dancing!

Which shoes go with this dress?  I know which ones I'd rather wear!

Which shoes go with this dress? I know which ones I’d rather wear!

10 thoughts on “Running in the land of the Great White Cloud – NZ

  1. Love your dress for the wedding!

    nice to see parkrun’s are as fab everywhere – NZ trip looks fab x

    • Thanks 🙂 Of the three parkruns I’ve done I’ve only experienced positive and happy people. NZ is a very magic place, I highly recommend it for a visit – it’s very similar to my beloved Tasmania 🙂

  2. hehehe I think I have those trainers. I’m also a parkrun fan – they really are great aren’t they? Would love love love to do some of mine in Aus and NZ – have only done English ones so far….

    • I love my Glycerines! parkrun is such a great concept and such an encouragement to keep up with running. I hope you get to come and visit Australia and NZ one day – there are heaps of parkruns in Queensland which I’m hoping to do at least one at some stage. I’ve also done the one in Melbourne which was fantastic. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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