Running in Northland NZ

I love running in New Zealand.  In Australia there are snakes and other nasties that bite and sting to watch out for but in New Zealand, nothing.  Not a snake to be found.

They don’t even have leaches.  Bush walking in Tasmania is magic.  The bush is beautiful.  The atmosphere is calming.  It revives the mind, the body and the soul.  But.  Leaches!  As soon those gaiters are removed, the socks rolled down and the boots taken off, bet you anything there will be at least one happy, satisfied leach.  But in NZ none.

Last week we travelled up to Northland to visit Husband’s younger sister and her family.  I hadn’t been before.  It is beautiful countryside.  Perhaps not like the South Island but it has an appeal all its own.  Husband and I took off for a 5km run right by my SIL’s house, up into a forrest.  We went up hill and downhill (repeat several times).  After the run I went back to take a few shots.  I could never stand in Tasmanian bush with just my thongs/jandals/flip flops due to my allergy to a biting ant.  

 2013-04-08 16.22.41

 2013-04-08 16.25.52

2013-04-08 16.26.14

I’m still amazed

It is almost three years since I started to try to run.  Even though now going for a 5km run is a very regular event, at times (like now) I am dazed with amazement by how far I’ve come with running.  I can run 5kms without even a thought.  It is not that many months ago that entering a 5km fun run was a major cause of anxiety and worry.  Would I make it?  Would I run out of gas? Self-doubts were so loud in my head.  But now?  5kms? Yes I can do that!  I can do that happily, confidently and (GASP) with relative ease.  Not many people knew that I was trying to be a runner in those early months.  Husband encouraged me but really that was all.  I can imagine someone saying: in a couple of years this will be a piece of cake for you.  I would not have believed them.  I would’ve thought that it was ok for that person to say that to me, they had probably been running since birth and didn’t know how hard it is for the average unsporty person.  Now I know that it is hard for all us runners.  We all battle our particular fears, troubles and worries.  What sets us apart is our desire, determination and strength to believe in ourselves, put the time into train and to have a go.  I’m amazed, and anyone who runs should be amazed too, whatever the distance, whatever the time, we are getting there run by run.  We know that with persistence our running goals will be met.  The liberation of knowing this brings freedom like no other.

Back to Northland

We had a great day, after the run we made it to the Bay of Islands.  My paternal grandmother was from NZ and as a child I remember her talking with fondness about this spot.  It is soooooooooo pretty.  Well worth a look and rather nostalgic for me to have visited.

Happy running 🙂

PS My Sister in Law and her Husband have started running.  They use the track that we ran but weren’t sure of the distances they were doing.  So I clocked it with my GPS and found where the 3km, 4km and 5km turnaround points were.  Sweetly enough they were all marked by beehives!  If SIL is running up those hills she is going to get super fit superfast!

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