Taupo Tabata

I’ve become a fan of Tabata

  • It’s the take anywhere training program.
  • It can be done outside or in.
  • It can be done in a small room or a large one.  All it needs is an area the size of a camp bed!
  • No equipment is necessary therefore it’s cheap!

I first heard about Tabata from the wonderful words of Jenny and Tina on We Shall Have Pie (this is a great blog!).  I read with curiosity and interest. Then did a little research for myself.  It seems to be very similar to the sort of training that the local bootcamp PTs take us through each Monday and Wednesday.  It’s basically a set of timed exercises with short rests between each repetition.  I’m no expert about what it does or how it works all I know is that it’s fun, doable, gets results and I can do it at home or when I’m away.

After reading Jenny and Tina’s Tabata Tuesday posts I had a little look around the net and found a couple of routines that I liked.  I printed them off, folded up the piece of paper and Ta Daaaa – a flexible portable workout schedule was created.

Last week Husband and I had a very restful evening at Lake Taupo while we were in NZ.  This is a beautiful lake pretty much in the middle of the North Island.  I’d been before and Husband has visited many times.  It’s stunning – so pretty!  Even though it’s inland Lake Taupo produces some excellent farm grown ‘sea food’.  The prawns are amazing!

It had been a day of travelling and catching up with friends.  Nice 🙂 Finally we arrived at Taupo and settled into the Hotel.  I quickly got changed before Husband could object (he was tired and motivation was low).  He felt obliged to come with me – poor thing!  I was happy to go on my own.  I love exercise, thrive on it, so company is never an important ingredient just a nice bonus when I have some.  There was a well-equipped gym to go and Tabata in!  When I first started Tabataing (I hope this is a word) I used my watch to time my reps – now I have a  nifty free app on my phone that I can program in the times, it has a funky ticking sound as it gets to within three seconds and then a whistle blows when it’s time to stop.  There I was doing my burpees, pushups, lunge returns… while just outside a number of other guests were sitting in the thermally heated spa pool.  It was about 7pm and getting cool so the steam was rising.

2013-04-09 19.02.31

I also had a go on the treadmill.  Ugh.  Yes, they haven’t changed, still as boring as ever (we still haven’t got one at home).  I did a 10 minute sprint (12kms per hour – that’s a sprint for me!) and then to my joy and elation, there in the corner was a foam roller.  Love!  I had ummed and arred about cutting mine down a bit so it would fit in my suit case but in the end I didn’t. Oh how I had missed it!  Days of travel and not my usual exercise level had left me stiff and sore.  In fact this foam roller was exactly the same colour as mine.  Bliss.  I had a good old foam roll to the curious stares of others.  (One time I carried my roller into a hotel in Hobart when I was down there for work.  Two couples got into the lift with me – I was weighted down with several bags, a lap top and had my foam roller as well.  One lady asked me if it was my pole for pole dancing.  Pole dancing with a foam roller?  Mmmm interesting hehe.)

Husband got a sweat up too

Husband got a sweat up too

Taupo Tabata.  Yes I did that.  What a great concept, there are no excuses not to exercise when Tabata is so easy to get the hang of.  The next morning I had a swim in the thermally heated pool (25C) and then a lovely soak in the spa (35C).  Husband opted for the spa and watched as I lapped up and down.  It was so nice.

Lake Taupo - not a very good shot though

Lake Taupo – not a very good shot though

Happy running 🙂

8 thoughts on “Taupo Tabata

  1. Sounds interesting, not heard of Tabata, might read more into it. I have to give up my gym membership at the end of this month so need to think up some interesting home exercise routines.

  2. Tanya’s is like travel bootcamp or circuits, I use the app too for timing & have a list of exercises on my iPhone notes. Good effort. Enjoy NZ, loved Tapou area, was in NZ for a month in Nov ’11

    • My pleasure, Tabata has made exercise so much simpler to get done. Thanks for all your great posts. I never complain about the weather in Tasmania after seeing how joyfully you Pie Ladies go out and run in all that snow!

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