A little detective work

This is not really a running post, but it’s related and made my day.
Women’s Running magazine arrived in my letter box yesterday.  This is the third edition that I have received since I subscribed.  I read it cover to cover.  The articles are encouraging and positive (although this month there is a big spread on running while pregnant, don’t think I will need that one hehe).  I love the magazine; it really is a good read.
As I flipped through I spotted a regular feature.  A random runner is photographed at a recent fun run.  The caption asks Is this you?  If it is you, you win a pair of running shoes!  It wasn’t me BUT it was someone from the Launceston Women’s 5k Run/Walk held just recently.  I was so excited, Tasmania often gets forgotten in national publications.  I took a photo of the page and uploaded it to facebook with the caption Do you know this lady?   I wanted to find her.  I love reading this magazine but I realise that not everyone does so I just wanted to give her a little hand to claim her prize.  Then I thought I could find her name by looking up the run results, she had her bib number clearly displayed (sometimes I’m just a little slow and not just with running).  I did that and then typed her name into facebook.  AND there she was AND she is a mutual friend of three of my friends.  I’m getting seriously excited now.  I sent her a message and for good measure shared the photo with one of our mutual friends.

I went for a run after work last night.  It’s school holidays and son #1 is home but with lots of shifts at the supermarket where he works as a casual.  He was finishing an hour after me so I decided to take my running gear and go for a run while I waited.  After the run there I was zooming around the supermarket getting a few groceries still in my fetching running gear of black skins and oh so bright orange running hoodie.  Hi vis, one of my pet hates is when road runners / cyclists DON’T wear it, so I have to lead by example.  So there I am zooming around and my smart phone goes buzz buzz, I look down, I see it is a message from the shoe lady.  I found her!  It’s the little things that make me happy.  Yay!

Son #1 caught up with me (what a brave boy to be seen associated with a women in her late 40s running around the supermarket in above mentioned attired) and I said Guess WHAT??? In his monotone voice with eye rolling, he said you just did a 10k runNo, no, I reply, I found the shoe lady! But I did just do a 7k run but I’m more excited about finding the shoe lady.  Son #1 actually smiled.  Nice.  After two older daughters (brown-eyed daughter #1 and blondie daughter #1) I struggle with this teenage minimalist’s approach to maternal communication.  Just after he moved into the city for school I was worried that he wasn’t happy.  So I say to him: on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited and happy are you about being in town?  Son #1 replies with the straightest of emotionless faces, in the most deadpan of tones Nine.  NINE!  Love it when my kids are happy and obviously LOVE finding the winners of competitions.  I hope this spurs Shoe Lady on to keep running.

Happy running 🙂

4 thoughts on “A little detective work

  1. Haha! I can really identify with your embarrassing mum persona! My three teens frequently remind me of how excruciatingly embarrassing it is to have a mum who thinks she can run!

  2. Good on you for finding the shoe lady!! I read that magazine last week and was really hoping she saw it (and now I know – such a small world). 🙂

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