Running in April and plans ahead

April didn’t see as many kms as last month.  A trip away and family visiting meant that my usual routine was not in place all the time.  I have however managed to increase the distances of some runs.  I’ve even managed a 10km mid-week run which up until this month was unheard of.  Last week Husband and I ran with a running group which was lots of fun and a very different experience to running on my own – we are hoping to do this regularly.  I’ve also managed to do a number of runs with a decreased heart-rate – my Polar RC3 GPS tells me I’ve reached Steady State training – but I don’t know what this means!  I guess I’m getting fitter – yay!

A running goal for 2013 is to log my kms.  Here they are to date:

January – 75kms
February – 76kms
March – 100kms

And April – 88kms

Year to date – 339kms


Husband and I ran Launceston parkrun this morning after doing a bootcamp last night.  It wasn’t the most ideal situation, we were both a bit tired this morning.  Parkrun, since doing my PB of 25:45 has become a fun, relaxed thing to do, I’ve managed to run in the 25s so the goal of decreasing my time has seriously gone out the window.  I do it for the love of it.  Today however Husband decided he wanted to help me with my pace.  It was lovely to run with him.  What can I say?  He’s my Husband, I enjoy his company above anyone else.  He’s my soul mate, my best friend and I love him to bits.  I honestly didn’t want to try and go fast today but I did for him.  We kept pace with the lovely L, she is a great pace marker with a beautifully fluid running style and was very gracious about Husband chatting to me around the course, he was very encouraging indeed and had lots of strategies.  I pushed myself but didn’t manage a PB, my official parkrun time was 26:26 – according to my watch it was 26:22.

Launceston parkrun is getting more popular by the week! Awesome!  Numbers are increasing and the first km is quite congested, but it’s all really fun and extremely friendly.  There are more children and prams which is just excellent. I ran beside a young mum with a pram going down a little hill today and the baby-girl inside laughed and gurgled with happiness as her mum zoomed her down and back onto the flat.  So cute!  Running joy in action!  Apparently our parkrun is the second largest per head of population in Australia!  I love the happy feel.  I love the smiling faces.  After a week of being chained to a desk and working out problems it really is a happiness shot in the arm to run beside so many happy people.

What’s coming up in the Running Diary?

There are plans afoot.  Coming up for Husband and I is the Launceston Athletic Club’s Lilydale Lope, 16.6kms of hills which is supposed to be tougher than the Gutbuster that I loved so much.  We are building up to participating in their Half Marathon in mid-July.  I probably should be a bit anxious and concerned, but at this stage I’m just excited.  We are also going to try and do a fun run with Husband’s boys in the coming weeks.  There is lots ahead, lots to look forward to.   Running is the best stress-management strategy ever.

Happy running 🙂

2 thoughts on “Running in April and plans ahead

  1. I know its hard to have Real Life interfere with your running and then get back out there again. So, good going on keeping your focus.

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