Night running

Running at night is a new thing.  In fact I’ve done it twice and both times were this week.

Last night was our second run with The Running Group, we joined them for an 8.5km out and back run.  We started at 6pm so it was pretty much dark but there were street lights dotted around and the oncoming cars helped to light up the footpath.  Going out there was a nice steady incline.  Since I’ve switched on the love of hill running in my mind, hills don’t worry me like they did initially.  I see a hill coming up and I think to myself I LOVE HILLS!   And away I go.  Sometimes I like to try and take it fast but most of the time I like to chip away until I get to the top.  This hill wasn’t going to last forever and I knew it was flat for the rest of the way so I decided to give it a big burst of energy and power up.  I set my resolve and off I went.  That feeling of accomplishment at the top of the hill? Awesome.  Should be bottled.

We reach the turnaround point and head back.  This time we get to run down the hill.  This was a darker section of the road with a really good even footpath.  As I ran down that hill in the dark, smiling, being free, I honestly felt like I was flying.  Could running down a hill in the dark be the closest thing to flying ever?  I think it could be.

Tonight was another run in the dark.  Husband is upping his running and came with me.  We set off in the light but we knew it would be dark by the time we got back.  Thursday has become 10km run day which is also a new thing.  We set a lovely steady pace.  This time a nice flat out and back.  As we reached the 7km mark the sun was going down.  The fog was settling low and looking up the colour of the night was turning from sky blue to dark inky navy and all shades in between. The mountains looked like a dark cut-out against the fading light.  Lovely.  We keep up the steady pace and enjoy the rhythm of our feet and cooling of the air as night falls around us.  Once again the freedom of running in the dark made me smile.  No, not feeling like flying this time perhaps but it seemed to cut away running to its most basic. I know this section of road, it is familiar and safe.  I couldn’t see my feet very well so there was no need to look down and the road is flat and even, if anything my posture felt the best it had ever been.  In the dark it was all about breathing in and breathing out, swinging my arms, holding up my head and steadily placing one foot in front of the other to run my body home.



Running in the fading light is like a cool drink on a hot day.  It is soothing.  Energising.  Calming.  Yes.  Running at night is amazing.  We shall do it some more.  Running, the best form of wind-down after a hectic stressful day ever.

Happy running 🙂

PS We had our hi-vis and reflectors on and were being responsible.   Husband has a lovely new orange fluro running top similar to mine – we match!  The Running Group Coach gave us some tips on how to shorten our stride and be careful of stability when running in less light, but in the city there were lots of street lights and only a few sections where it was darker than the rest.  Out in our part of the country it gets dark fast, it was fine tonight but in future we are going to take our head torches with us just in case.

6 thoughts on “Night running

    1. Absolutely, I would never run in town at night without a friend! Some of the people in The Running Group have some clip on LED lights which really make them stand out when they are running – I’m seriously thinking about investing in some of these. Night running was tremendously fun, I hope you get to try it soon.

  1. Sounds lovely! I always run in the morning, for some reason evening runs don’t really work for me. But some of the runs are so early (especially in the winter) that it is still dark when I set off (and sometimes even when I get back) but the loveliest thing is to catch the rising sun. I also gear up with reflective, bright and fluorescent kit. Nothing annoys me more than folks running in the dark with their black stuff on with no safety measures. If I can’t see them then how are the drivers supposed to.

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