Reaching the plateau

Sometimes I wonder if I am going just a little bit nuts.  When I think of running I just want to smile, be happy and sometimes even dance.  Dance?  Really?  Yes, dance.  And whoop for joy as well just for good measure.

Today is a day off and as I zoomed around the house with the vacuum cleaner, duster and the spray’n’wipe I’ve been pondering why running overwhelms me with such happiness.

It hasn’t always been the case.  At first it was the feeling of determination that flooded over me when I thought of running, determination similar to that of a small poppet trying to learn to tie their shoelaces but not quite getting there.  I will run to the hay barn today.  I won’t stop until I get there.  Before the run I would be determined, disciplined.  After the run I would smile and be incredibly happy.  This has been the case with pretty much every single run.  I will do this, I can do this, I will give it my very best shot, no matter how slow I go I will finish.  Determination to begin with, then elation at the end from achieving my running goal.

Something very magical has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

I have niggles.  My hips ache and feel very stiff, I get a slight twinge in my calf muscles, one ankle has the peculiar feeling like it could be a little bit of tendonitis (I’ve had this in my wrists several times so I know what it feels like).  My foam roller and I are really getting close.  The pre-run warm-up routine and post-run stretch have taken on new importance as I try to control and relieve the aches and niggles and hopefully avoid an injury.

The Point to Pinnacle is getting closer.  I’m starting to take some action to help me feel physically and mentally prepared for this, my most important running goal to date.  I’ve started to have a four weekly massage, I’d love to go more but there are only so many times I can take the time to get into the city.  Husband and I have joined a running group so that we can get a bit of help with our running.  I’m slowly increasing my distances to get some more kilometres into my legs.  Yes, I’m pretty sure I am doing all I can do to be the most ready I can be for those 21.4-uphill-all-the-way kilometres.

What’s this magical thing that’s been happening?


A running plateau has been reached.   Not a negative one by any means, something positive.  That grim determination and discipline is still there but over the top is a sense of joy and feeling that I really can achieve my running goals.  Am I allowed to say that I’m proud of myself?  I feel like the little poppet who has tied their shoe for the very first time! I’ve stuck with it and have got to a level of fitness that just makes me want to get out there and run with joy and pure clean happiness.  Truly each time I run instead of gritting my teeth and breathing in heavily with a concentrated expression on my face I now smile, relax and look forward to the road, the distance and the feeling of running.  My Polar RC3 GPS is telling me I’m in Steady State training.  That’s how I feel.  Steady.  I feel like I could run all day with a steady pace, I’m not fast, but just steady.  Wobbly is how I used to feel, wobbly and doubtful.  Frightened even.  If you are a beginner runner, please hang in there!  You might not be able to see that magic plateau but it is there, just keep putting the time in, you will reach it!  If I can, ANYONE can!

Is it magical?  It sure feels like it right now!  But it isn’t really, lacing up my shoes and giving it a go has achieved this.  But I never thought that this was possible.  I’ve clawed my way up to this level of fitness and running confidence. I’m pausing on this lovely plateau ready for the next steep parts of my running story.  Point to Pinnacle, I can’t wait to meet you and give this wonderful event my very best shot.

Happy running 🙂

PS this Saturday will see Husband and I at parkrun, Sunday, for Mother’s Day, Husband is taking me on a lovely undulating hilly 14km run!  Next weekend we are heading to Hobart for the 11km City to Casino!  This one will be run under Mt Wellington, the mountain I hope to get to know on the P2P.  So much to look forward to!

7 thoughts on “Reaching the plateau

  1. Hadn`t heard of that plateau thing. I presume that means one is as fit as one can be? And the Polar thingy confirms that with the heart monitor readings?

    1. Not sure on that, it’s just how I’m feeling at the moment. I’m running the same distances and times but my heart rate has dropped down into zone 2 and 3. I feel as if I’m at a new place in my fitness but my gosh, there is always further to go. It’s just nice to have some of the struggle decreased a bit 🙂

  2. I will hang in there. I will hang in there (…and repeat, a-la Bart Simpson on a blackboard). Thanks, lovely – you have done it again with the right words at the right time.

    So happy for you that you’re in such a (magical!) good place, and all the best with the upcoming runs! 🙂

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