Friendship and running

Is there a secret friendship link that happens when we put our running shoes on and discover the magic of running? When we click with the benefits of running and the all-around amazingness of it?

I think there might be.

I have experienced three wonderful examples of heart-warming running friendship in action just this week!


Since I started running I have tried to keep my facebook updates about running to a minimum and I have, honestly, but I do tend to rave on about my new-found passion. On Sunday I put it out there that I would love three friends to join me in the team marathon event for the Ross Marathons in September. Within moments one of my fellow bootcampers posted this

Crikey! Maybe???

Today she messaged me to say she has done her first 2km run and is confident that she will be able run those 10kms in September as part of the team. I am so stoked! To think that a bit of enthusiasm and joy about running has been that infectious, Lovely!  Also on the team will be two fellow parkrunners who I have only met since Launceston parkrun started in November last year.  I am so excited that they want to run with me. Nice!


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I was delighted to sponsor a young mum in her first ever fun run, The Mother’s Day Classic. She phoned me to say thanks for the donation. She said that since becoming a mum to her two beautiful baby girls she had wanted to take part in this wonderful event that raises money for new research into the prevention and cure for breast cancer. Then she blew me away and said that some of my rambling on facebook had encouraged her to consider running the event; that if she tried she might be able to succeed. She did succeed. She ran all the way and finished!


On Saturday I did a PB at parkrun. My second 5kms in the 25 minute range ever – 25:38. I really tried hard. Last week when Husband ran with me I didn’t do a PB. Afterwards he said by way of encouragement that he thought I had a lot more in me. He said I wasn’t breathing heavily enough to be at my fastest and that he was sure I had more in the tank. So I decided to really pull out the stops and give it a go.  This decision was made at the 1km mark, a really good time to decide run strategy?  Perhaps not.   

As I ran my breathing sounded more like a steam train than a human being. There was serious heavy breathing going on! At the end of the run I was so pooped that I had to stop and lean over to get my breath back. In the process I missed out in getting in the proper finishing order. Oh well. Bit disappointed but that’s how it is, it was my own fault for not going into the line. As I walked down the bank to meet Husband I checked my watch. I was overcome to see the time! Since I started running nearly three years ago I have knocked about seven minutes off my 5km time (since I started timing myself anyway). I never thought this was possible. I got a bit teary. Husband and the lovely J came over. They were both very excited for me but disappointed that I had missed the line to get the right timing tag. J fixed this up for me. Just like that. She went and spoke to the Run Director and fixed it up, then asked my time and took it to the volunteers who were looking after the scanning of the timing tags. I wouldn’t have done this, I would have just put up with it. She cared enough to do this and when I got to the car I had another little cry.  Note to self:  Get in line next time no matter how exhausted. I’m sure this caused a lot of extra work for the volunteers which I am very sorry for!

Kindness and care, yep that’s all I’ve seen in the running community.

I had no idea that running brought out so much friendship. That running is synonymous with kindness and thoughtfulness. I haven’t known this level of kindness and support before.  And to think I used to feel out-of-place at fun runs?  We are never out-of-place for lacing up our shoes and having a go, it’s where we belong!

Giving and receiving kindness and friendship goes hand in hand with running.

Mother’s Day was yesterday. I have a new blog follower and that’s my mum – Hello Mother! Mum isn’t a runner but she gets excited about my running. Perhaps she is just as amazed as me that I have taken it up. And why wouldn’t anyone take up running? It’s just the best thing ever.

Happy running 🙂

PS special waves to J, C, LA, LE and LE xxx

8 thoughts on “Friendship and running

  1. According husband I have more in the tank too- maybe I need to use your strategy 🙂
    Great running, and loving your blog.

    Big waves from Thailand 🙂

    • Husbands seem to think this a lot I have noticed! I am sure you do too dear LE, you look so effortless when you run. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and waves back to you. Your holiday is looking fabulous from the fb photos x

    • That’s one of Husband’s favourite saying. I usually keep some in reserve because I don’t want to be in a place where I can’t finish. I guess I’m getting braver at parkrun because I know the people and I know the track so well now – it’s more a mental thing perhaps.

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